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Southwest Museum of Engineering,
Communications and Computation.

Our Mission: Preserving Engineering, 
Communications and Computation History

We seek the three dimensional artifacts, the papers and 
thoughts  of those who pioneered the technology."

Join Our Quest!


Welcome to the Electronic home of the Southwest Museum of Engineering, Communications and Computation. We are a privately funded group.

The Museum offices are located in the  old Coury House in Historic Downtown Glendale in a section known as  'Catlin Court'

Our Address is: 

Coury House / SMECC
5802 W. Palmaire Ave
Glendale AZ 85301

Normal hours are 12:00 to 3:00 Tuesday through Saturday
However, we are involved in productions and news projects
at times which can  pre-empt floor hours.
There are times we go out to do lectures or emergency artifact
retrieval and may not be onsite.

We may be contacted via telephone
623-435-1522 If we are not in, or are conducting a tour, please leave a message with a good description and we will return the call.

Enjoy your visit here!

Ed Sharpe Archivist for SMECC

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Dr. Winfield W. Salisbury shows how microwave energy reacts with steel wool.





The first transatlantic 
(authorized) telephone
 conversation between
two deaf people.

   USA     -      UK 




Left to Right: Karle, General Counsel, Dept. of Commerce representing Secretary Morton who was in Japan; Sir Peter Ramsbotham; Secretary Weinberger; Charlotte Coffield; Robert H. Weitbrecht, Vice President, Applied Communications Corporation (a deaf engineer who invented the device)


Michael Kingbeer, deaf leader, watches Sir Jack Ashley, deaf member of Parliament, makes the TTY call while Andrea Saks (playing peek-a-boo), and US Ambassador Elliot Richardson observes. (man in the back is unidentified)





WANTED TO BUY! UHF Military Equipment for our

Receiver R-278B /GR 
Receiver R-361 /GR 
Transmitter T-217 /GR 
Transmitter T-282 /GR 
Modulator MD-129 /GR 
Modulator MD-141 /GR


also need Manuals and instruction books for the old 200-400MHz vacuum-tube technology 100 watt (carrier) AM FAA and military communications sets listed below  

The AN/GRT-3 consists of the T-282 transmitter and MD-141 Modulator, and accessories. 

The AN/GRR-7 consists of the R-361 Receiver, and accessories, and could be used with the AN/GRT-3.

AN/GRC-27, AN/GRC-27A, or AN/GRC-48 consist of the T-217 transmitter, MD-129 Modulator, and R-278B Receiver, and accessories.




falcon3.jpg (145084 bytes)

We have  huge poster sized files of this image available.


 field magazine need scanning
We need a new high speed scanner! HELP!
DONATE! Click the Button Below!

Thank you very much!





      Including the Ames 
                 laboratory of the
                   Atomic Energy 
                       Ames, Iowa

       (see booklet and videos!)



Who are these people??

 Tell  us about the process line... 



W E     A R E    L O O K I N G    F O R 
 M O R E    H I S T O R Y  ! ! ! 


ETV Comes to Omaha University

Educational Television came to Omaha and our campus with the October debut  of Channel 26, a product of the Metropolitan Omaha Educational Broadcasting Association, and a tenant of the University. Local ETV is now broadcasting both adult and children's shows, both day and evening. Dr. Paul Borge doubles as  Station Manager and director of the OU radio-TV sequence. More HERE 



TV RESEARCH -  San Francisco State College



Plus!  The Beaux Arts Manor

TV instruction at home - Assimilated closed circuit class TV and... more!




by George B. Turrell, Jr. 

Photographs by Morris Gordon 

The story of a Nike guided missile battery­
its men, its weapon, its vital mission 
and its place in a typical American community. 

Reprinted from WE magazine, Western Electric Company, Inc. 



Computer maintenance crews keep SAGE working 

By 1st Lt. Gregoire M. Stanek  - (From STAGECOACH June 30,1972)  - Photos by A1C Paul Smith 
(Thanks to Royal Prentice  for  this article!)




see below  for  some SAGE in Canada!


See this article that will introduce
you to  the facility  north of our  border.

See huge blowups of the photos  too!


Earthbound Misfit is the story of Jerry Foster, a pioneer in the field of news helicopter pilots. What began a routine flying job reporting traffic for a local TV station, soon became much more, as Jerry began reporting news stories as well. His former training as a paramedic for the AMES project (for which he was Chief pilot), and his association with several law enforcement agencies, also allowed him the opportunity to help with rescues and recoveries. Very often, instead of just reporting the story, Jerry Foster was the story. The book also covers Jerry’s early life, and the demons that followed him for years, as well as his life after 20 years in the TV business. It covers his fall from grace, and his years of reclusiveness, before venturing out into the world of Facebook and discovering that he was still loved by many.

Jerry Foster at Authors @ the Teague

By Bette Sharpe Glendale Daily Planet



"It ain’t braggin’ if you’ve done it!"

Jerry Foster at his Authors @the Teague book signing on Saturday, March 8, 2014.

The name Jerry Foster is a familiar name and face to those who lived in the Valley in the 1980s. Foster was one of the first pilots to regularly report the news, traffic and weather while also piloting a gyro plane or helicopter. His skills as a helicopter pilot allowed him to work closely with law enforcement with search-and-rescue missions. His involvement in several rescues made him part of the story, giving him lots of positive attention from viewers but also a lot of critics.

News ratings were good and management knew a ratings maker when they saw one. Traditional journalist saw a challenge to traditional news reporting. While the FAA did not care for Mr. Foster’s high-flying style and set out to ground him. Elementary school kids wanted him to visit their school, because he would land in his helicopter!

Pilots have their swagger and anyone who makes it to sixty and beyond knows it was not always easy and not without getting a few bumps and scraps along the way. Jerry Foster admitted he is a “hot dog”. In his memoir, “Earthbound Misfit: Jerry Foster”, with Dee Dees, he shares his story, bumps, scrapes and all.


Judging by the audience at Velma Teague on Saturday, he is loved and admired, still, by many. Some of the attendees saw Jerry when he came to their schools in the 80's!

“He just does things with a helicopter that a man in his right mind just wouldn't do.

But he does it so well he’s perfectly safe.”

Senator Barry Goldwater – 1988.


--- “Earthbound Misfit: by Jerry Foster”, with Dee Dees is available at or at local book signings




Bette Sharpe/Glendale Daily Planet no. 5281.

Jennifer Machamer is getting her book signed by Jerry Foster. Foster said on Saturday, March 8, 2014 during his book signing that one of his most positive memories are of his many visits to elementary schools and the kids. One of many school visits he made was to Jennifer Machmer’s class. “It ain’t braggin’ if you’ve done it!”… Jerry Foster.

“Earthbound Misfit: by Jerry Foster”, with Dee Dees is available at or at local book signings.

Ed Sharpe Archivist for SMECC and Legendary Helicopter Pilot Jerry Foster




Apollo spacecraft NASA  wrap up history  report on the navcom development and FAILURES!




A history of Jim Haynes - Teletype, General Electric Computer and more...


ARTS - Amateur Radio Teletype Society

History and Bulletins

From the Jim Haynes and Red Wilson collections at SMECC




Also read -   Historical Notes on Radioteletype  Jim Haynes, W6JVE

Looking  back in time
Bob Vache was the 
first "Voice of the Suns"...




Bob Vache, 45, Sports Director of KTAR Radio and Television was killed early Saturday morning, January 17 in a one car automobile accident at 26th Street and Washington in Phoenix.

A native of Phoenix - educated at Tolleson High School and Phoenix College - "Vash" began his illustrious career in' 1942. He joined the staff of KTAR in 1953 where he broadcast sports programs and play by play descriptions until being named program director of Channel 12 (KTAR) TV in 1957. Coupling sports broadcasting with his executive duties, Vache continued as the voice of Arizona State and University of Arizona broadcasts.

A desire to return to full-time sports reporting culminated in 1962 when Bob returned to his first love-sports.

In the 8 years which followed, Vache was named Arizona's outstanding sports broadcaster an unprecedented five times by the National Association Of Sportswriters and Broadcasters. When the Phoenix Suns National Basketball Association franchise was granted in Phoenix, Bob was logically assigned as the "Voice of the Suns" on KTAR radio and TV.

A pilot with the Army Air Corps in World War II, Bob remained in the Air Force Reserve after his discharge rising to the rank of Lt. Colonel with the 302nd Air Rescue Squadron.

He is survived by his wife, Bettie and their two children, Marilyn 18 and son Tommy 13.

The following is a portion of Bill Stull's newscast on Channel 12 which was broadcast the night following Bob's death.

". . . a sportsman, a gentleman and a friend. As a thorough and dedicated craftsman Bob set standards that the rest of us will never live up to. Few men in broadcasting have earned the respect which we felt for him. He was, in every sense of the word, a professional. Bob Vache was indeed a sportsman, a true gentleman and an irreplaceable friend. The words fit Bob Vache. The hard part, and the still unbelievable part, -the word was."

May we all add our endorsement to Bill's words.

The Staff and Management of KTAR

This KTAR Radio and Television newsletter from February 1970 containing this article now resides in the Ray Lindström Collection at SMECC - - SMECC endeavors to get as much Arizona Broadcast History online as we can. If you have old documents and photos please contact us at 623-435-1522 or email us. Do you have a drawer full of old photos and a scanner? Fire it up and lets get them online! - Ed#


1947 Silvertone 
record changer,  plus 
 AM/SW  Radio
 Phonograph/Wire Recorder
 Entertainment Center INFORMATION NEEDED!



Tammy Buckallew gave SMECC  the family Entertainment console. This is an interesting unit due to the wire recorder that is in it with the Telechron Clock timer!  You  could set it to record your favorite radio show just  like  the home VCR.... 

Sears Roebuck Silvertone AM/FM Radio
Self-changing Record Player
Wire Recorder.
Catalog No. 8127
Chassis No. 101.831-A

We are awaiting  schematic diagrams before  we restore this  unit!  It will be interesting to see  what voices can be recovered off the  wire spools!  

Any other owners of these units out there   with information or stores to share? Drop us an email HERE 
                                                                                                   ---   Ed#   

See more on the history of this unit  on its page!


1951 Stromberg Carlson
12 inch Television with 2 record changers,  plus  am/fm and 
shortwave Radio
 Entertainment Center INFORMATION NEEDED!

Note:  We have the  deluxe version 
with the hand painted artwork

Any other owners of these units out there   with information or stores to share? Drop us an email HERE 
                                                                                                   ---   Ed#   


SMECC Congratulates Paul Taylor on his induction 
into the 2013 RIT Innovation Hall of Fame!


 Paul Taylor  
2013 RIT Innovation Hall of Fame



Paul Taylor quite literally changed the life experiences of deaf and hard of hearing people. Paul saw an opportunity to combine Western Union teletypewriters with modems to create the first telecommunications devices for the deaf, known as TDDs or TTYs. But he didn't stop there. He then helped to create a network of these devices, as well as using them to launch local telephone wake-up services for the deaf and the nation's first telephone relay system for the deaf, which he expanded to a statewide system. RIT was fortunate to welcome Paul as chair of the engineering support team at the National Technical Institute for the Deaf in 1975. He remained on our faculty for 30 years, continuing to innovate and advocate in telecommunications for the deaf.



Bob Schieffer to Receive Walter Cronkite Award


PHOENIX, Ariz. (May 21, 2013) – Bob Schieffer, the award-winning CBS News correspondent and longtime anchor of “Face the Nation,” will be the 2013 recipient of the Walter Cronkite Award for Excellence in Journalism, Arizona State University announced today.

Schieffer will accept the 30th annual award, given by the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication, at a luncheon ceremony Oct. 29 at the Sheraton Phoenix Downtown Hotel.

“Walter Cronkite is who I wanted to be when I was a young reporter,” Schieffer said. “He is who I still want to be so winning an award with Walter’s name on it means as much to me as any recognition I have ever received.”

CBS News President David Rhodes said "there's nobody better than Bob in this business, and nobody better to work with, too."

Schieffer is the network's chief Washington correspondent and also serves as anchor and moderator of “Face the Nation,” CBS News' Sunday public affairs broadcast. He contributes regularly to “The CBS Evening News,” where he served as interim anchor in 2005 and 2006.

With 56 years of reporting experience, Schieffer may be the most experienced broadcast reporter in Washington. He has spent the past 44years reporting on politics and government for CBS, serving as the network’s chief Washington correspondent since 1982 and moderator of “Face the Nation” since 1991. He is one of the few journalists to have covered all four majorbeats in the nation’s capital – the White House, the Pentagon, the State Department and Capitol Hill.

Schieffer has moderated three presidential debates – in 2004, 2008 and 2012 – and has covered every presidential campaign and been a reporter or anchor at every Democratic and Republican national convention since 1972.

A native of Austin, Texas, who grew up in Fort Worth, Schieffer is a graduate of Texas Christian University and served three years in the U.S. Air Force. He began his journalism career as a reporter at the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, where in 1965 he became the first reporter from a Texas newspaper to report from Vietnam.

After returning from the war, he became news anchor at WBAP-TV Fort Worth/Dallas and then joined CBS News in 1969. He served as the network’s Pentagon correspondent from 1970 to 1974 and its White House correspondent from 1974 to 1979.

He began anchoring the CBS weekend newscasts in 1973 and continued anchoring for the next 23 years.

Following Dan Rather’s departure in 2005, Schieffer became anchor of the weekday evening news, where he served for two years until thearrival of Katie Couric. He then returned to the nation’s capital and as moderator of “Face the Nation.”

In 2005, TCU named its journalism school The Schieffer School of Journalism in his honor.

Earlier this year Schieffer was inducted into the Academy of Television Arts Hall of Fame and was also given the distinguished service award from the National Association of Broadcasters, an award that has gone previously to former President Ronald Reagan and Oprah Winfrey, among others. Schieffer is also a member of the Broadcasting & Cable Hall of Fame and the recipient of numerous awards, including seven Emmy Awards, one of which was for Lifetime Achievement, and two Sigma Delta Chi Awards. The National Press Foundation named him Broadcaster of the Year in 2002, and in 2003, the Radio-Television News Directors Association presented him with the Paul White Award, which also recognizes lifetime contributions to electronic journalism.

He also is the recipient of the Leonard Zeidenberg First Amendment award from the Radio Television News Directors Association and was named a "Living Legend" by the Library of Congress. Other awards include the International Radio and Television Society Foundation Award and the American News Women's Club Helen Thomas Award for Excellence in Journalism.

Schieffer is the author of four books. The New York Times bestsellers “This Just In: What I Couldn’t Tell You on TV” and "Bob Schieffer's America," as well as "Face the Nation: My Favorite Stories from the First 50 Years of the Award-winning News Broadcast” and "The Acting President."

“Schieffer epitomizes great broadcast journalism in the best tradition of Walter Cronkite,” said Cronkite Dean Christopher Callahan. “We’re thrilled to present him with this award and to have him share with our students some of what he has learned over a long and sterling career.”

Other Cronkite Award recipients include TV anchors Brian Williams, Diane Sawyer and Tom Brokaw, newspaper journalists Ben Bradlee, Helen Thomas and Bob Woodward and media executives Katharine Graham, Al Neuharth and Bill Paley.Cronkite personally presented the award during its first quarter-century. The CBS News anchor died in 2009.

The Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication, named in Cronkite’s honor in 1984, prepares the next generation of journalists in both the time-honored fundamentals embraced by Cronkite and the multimedia skills necessary to thrive as journalists in the digital age.

Housed in a $71 million state-of-the-art media complex in downtown Phoenix, the school has been featured in both The New York Times and The Times of London as a leader in 21st century journalism education. It is the home of the Carnegie-Knight News 21 initiative, the Donald W. Reynolds National Center for Business Journalism, Cronkite News Service, Cronkite NewsWatch and the New Media Innovation Lab.





IEEE Computer Society Phoenix Chapter Members and Friends
Explore the
Xeon Phi®, the New Intel 48 Core CPU” 

Jim Irvine, Senior Staff Engineer, Intel and Ed Sharpe Archivist for SMECC hold
a wafer slice  containing 80  of the Xeon Phi®, the New Intel 48 Core CPU”


The  IEEE Computer Society chapter meeting  was held  on Wednesday, May 1st, at  the DeVry University, Phoenix Campus. located at 2149 W Dunlap Avenue, Phoenix.


The speaker for this meeting was  Jim Irvine, Senior Staff Engineer, Intel. Jim’s presentation was “Introducing Xeon Phi®, the New Intel 48 Core CPU” Marking a new era in high-performance computing, Intel Corporation has introduced the Intel Xeon Phi® coprocessor to bring unprecedented performance for innovative breakthroughs in many areas of computing. The ability to quickly compute, simulate and make more informed decisions has propelled the growth of high performance computing (HPC) and analytics. The growth has been driven by global business and research priorities to more accurately predict weather patterns, create more efficient energy resources, and develop cures for diseases among many other pressing issues. With the breakthrough performance per watt and other new attributes of the Intel Xeon Phi® coprocessor, Intel and the industry will help proliferate high-performance computing beyond laboratories and universities and achieve maximum productivity.

Jim Irvine joined Intel in 1990 and has held a variety technical roles within Desktop and Server engineering. He led the design team for Intel's conversion from wire bond to C4 technology and architected the current Intel(r) Xeon Phi® coprocessor package. He currently leads the next generation Intel Many Integrated Core product Platform Architecture Execution Board. 


About the Phoenix Chapter of the IEEE Computer Society

The Phoenix Chapter of the IEEE Computer Society is a group of computer professionals from the Phoenix Area that work in computer related fields. Monthly meetings focus on technical topics of interest to our members and are open to the public.

To learn more about the Phoenix Chapter of the IEEE Computer Society see




An interest in teletype machines and a friend at the Glendale
Police Museum, started Ed Sharpe on an interesting quest.

By Bette Sharpe - Glendale Daily Planet



(Photo Bette Sharpe/Glendale Daily Planet At Left Ed Sharpe Archivist for SMECC and at Right - Dan Kallberg Curator of the Glendale Police Museum located in the lobby of Glendale PD)

Years back, Ed Sharpe Archivist for the Southwest Museum of Engineering, Communications and Computation had been discussing police communications with Dan Kallberg, a retired police officer and the curator of the Glendale Police Museum. At that time it was located in the FOP hall east of The Glendale Public Safety Building. Dan had mentioned that the Glendale Police Department had used a teletype machine in the 1960s.

Time Passed....

Time went on and Ed ended up with a group of teletypes he was using to build a history display on telecommunications for the deaf. Remembering back to his conversation with Dan, Ed was curious as to what model Teletype the Glendale PD had used. Dan showed Ed a photograph or an officer sitting in front of a Teletype Model 28 KSR, a 5 level Baudot machine.

SMECC likes to put things out at other museums for display so plans were made to loan the police museum a teletype just like the one in the photo. Ed was curious as to who the officer was and suggested that they try to find him and pose him with the teletype unit at the museum sort of a before and after photo!


Dan Kallberg told Ed the officers name was Sal Vetrano, and that the photo had been taken in the new (at that time!!) police station. (torn down and the Civic Center stands on that ground now!) Sal had joined the Glendale Police Department in 1953 as a reserve officer, then went on as a full time officer in 1956. Sal stayed on until 1970 when he left the department.. Dan states "When Sal was an officer he was the one responsible for starting up the PD's photo lab, maintaining and controlling the records section of the PD and running the front desk and assisting citizens when they came in to the Police Dept. Sal ran the teletype machine which was connected to California, Nevada, Oregon, and Arizona."

Armed with that information Sharpe was able to start searching Sal out on the internet and based on age ad some vague hints on prior locale found Sal living in Leakey Texas and running Vinny's Pizzeria at over 82 years of age!

Sal will come to pose for a 'current' photo with a teletype when he comes to Arizona to visit his children he tells us.

The teletype is all in place in the museum for you to visit and Dan Kallberg the Curator states

"The Teletype machine although slow by today's standards it was a fast was of obtaining critical information about felony crimes that had just occurred within the four corners area. The teletype also freed up the telephone line at the police dept. for other incoming calls for service. Thanks to the efforts of Ed Sharpe the Glendale Police Museum was able to obtain this teletype machine for display. With Ed's help we were able to preserve a small piece of history and put it on display so everyone could enjoy ."

The photo that started it all! Courtesy Glendale Police Museum

6835 N 57th Drive, Glendale, AZ 85301
Museum Hours: Monday thru Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Office Hours: Monday and Wednesday from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

SEE SMECC Communications Museum web site
who provided the teletype at: WWW.SMECC.ORG


Bette Sharpe/Glendale Daily Planet

Teletype on display! Note photo of Sal hanging above the Teletype
A descriptive sign is being made telling about it. We have further 
polished the unit up and gotten the white paint off the front of the
keyboard etc.



Photo Courtesy of Glendale Police Museum



Photo by Julie Becker - Hill Country Herald




Bette Sharpe/Glendale Daily Planet











John D. Silva dies at 92- Engineer that introduced news helicopter for KTLA 5 in Los Angeles

On July 3, 1958 1958 the first TV news helicopter, KTLA’s Telecopter, debuted in L.A.

Courtesy John Silva



Silva, who worked for more than three decades at Los Angeles station KTLA, introduced the first news helicopter, the "Telecopter," in 1958.

November 29, 2012

John Silva, a pioneering broadcasting engineer who made an enduring impact on news production during his years with Los Angeles television station KTLA, died November 28, 2012. He was 92.

see link below  for photos more  text and KTLA segment on him...


KTLA’s Sam Rubin Remembers TV News Innovator John Silva: Video
By THE DEADLINE TEAM | Thursday November 29, 2012 @ 2:55pm PST
Tags: John Silva, KTLA, Sam Rubin

Comments (0) John Silva, who for nearly 25 years was KTLA-Los Angeles‘ chief engineer, died Wednesday night at age 92. Sam Rubin today on KTLA Morning News offered up a touching remembrance of Silva, a former Navy radar operator who was responsible for such innovations as the news helicopter (first introduced in 1958, Silva called it the “telecopter”), live news trucks and mountaintop antennas. He also engineered the first live Rose Parade broadcast. “It’s not an exaggeration to say that every television station in the world uses some form of one of John Silva’s ideas”, Rubin says. Here’s the segment, complete with great old footage (beware the autoplay):








EYES IN THE SKY: Televising LIVE! 
...on the Wings of  Eagles...

Electronic image capturing, reporting and transmission aloft!
©-SMECC and  respective rights holders that have material displayed here.





wpe3.jpg (68902 bytes)

Ed Sharpe Director and Lead Archivist for SMECC and
Sherri Collins, the Executive Director of the Arizona Commission
for the Deaf and the Hard of Hearing discussing SMECC Display
on Telecommunications History of Deaf and the Hard of Hearing.

Ed attended DEAFNATION/PHOENIX 2013 to gather input and 
volunteers to assist  on the History Project at SMECC in Glendale.


WANTED -   SMECC in Glendale Arizona  is adding a section on 


We are also  looking  for anything related to assistive  radio and television broadcasting and  assistive technology for the household and industry - anything... and everything!

(From  the  Paul and Sally Taylor Collection at  SMECC.)                              (From SMECC Archives)
Robert Haig Weitbrecht, W6NRM _______        Ray Morrison - Chicago/Sun City  
First Acoustic Coupler for the TTY____________         First  Braille TTY 


(From  the  Paul and Sally Taylor Collection at  SMECC.) 
C-Phone In use Rochester, N.Y. 
“Hi-Line Answering Service”

WANTED-  Examples  of Deaf and Hard of Hearing and Deaf-Blind Communications and assistive  technology.

See a few  of our 
artifacts on this sheet. 




623-435-1522 (voice)





The National Air and Space Museum offers live webcasts of select public programs. 


  Telstar Satellite

Archived Webcast:

Telstar 50th Anniversary

TFrom July 12, 2012, 1:30 pm


Live webcast to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Telstar

Hear archived broadcast that was on Thursday, July 12th between 1:30 and 4pm EST (1730-2000 UT) this was a  a live webcast to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Telstar.

The National Air and Space Museum's Space History and Education divisions, in collaboration with the French Embassy, will host a symposium to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Telstar satellite, representing the birth of global telecommunications.

The symposium will be presented in two parts. The first is a half-hour satellite television connection between the Museum and the Pleumeur-Bodou Telecommunications Museum in France to commemorate the first global transmission of a television signal. Speakers include Secretary of the Smithsonian Wayne Clough and French Ambassador to the United States François Delattre.

The second part of the symposium features three sessions, with historians and experts from industry and government, discussing major aspects of the Telstar project and its impact on the development of global communications. The event also will include footage from the original 1962 broadcast.

Telstar 1 launched on July 10, 1962 from Cape Canaveral and was the first privately sponsored spacefaring mission. It handled a variety of transmissions, including telephone, fax, data, still pictures, and television signals, from several locations across the United States and Europe.

Additional information on the program and the history of Telstar, is available on a website developed by the Embassy of France.


[ John Pierce / Telstar ] [ A. C. Dickieson ] [ James Early / TELSTAR ] [ Memorabilia / TELSTAR ] [ Telstar Broadcasts ] [ W.J.Bray - UK ] [ K.D. Smith Bell Solar Batteries TELSTAR ] [ TELSTAR - Joe Meek ] [ Eugene O'Neill - TELSTAR ]






(A scarce pamphlet published in 1957 By J. R. Pierce -   C- From the Arthur Karp Collection at SMECC)

wpeB.gif (801268 bytes)







"Is wisdom wisdom only to the wise? How can we tell wisdom from unwisdom? If deeds are important, then Harald Friis's deeds show he must be wise, and many who have worked for him will testify that he is. He prepared these few notes for a conference at Seaview in September 1957. I have discussed them with him and added comments, sometimes in his words and sometimes in mine. What I have added is indented." - JOHN PIERCE





RECENT UPDATE  -Check out the Popular Electronics cover shot from 1966 and 2 page article just added May 18, 2012  

All of the manual is now there  with exception of power supply and   some of the case assembly instructions.

Did you build a CONAR Model 800 TV Camera back in the 1960's?  Share those experiences with us!

Drop a line!   We also need the assembly manual for this.


See the enhanced section on the CONAR Model 800 TV Camera   






Icon Pilot/Reporter Jerry Foster 
takes us for a wild ride on 
"Flying with Chopper Rose".


If you get this  in email use this link to go to the video


First in Arizona to report live from an effective hi-speed, maneuverable news platform, Jerry Foster set records and  got news to us.  Sky-12  used a newly developed Tayburn microwave platform that is reputed to be a spin-off of military technology. At the  station end there was an autotracking antenna system that would  follow Jerry around the  valley (and beyond) as he sped about, this system would 'follow' him and was the secret of what made the Tayburn system so good.

In Arizona,  KOOL Channel 10 claims a first too.  There had been an experimental  point to point test incorporating  relay transmissions  that grant them a claim to a 'first live from a helicopter',  but these were limited as  they relied on a person holding a microwave  transmitter out the  window of the helicopter pointed down to a fixed  microwave  receiver at the ground... then cabled over to the remote truck that  would retransmit the signal  to the station then to the transmitter site to go out over the airwaves to your house. 

We also can  add that  Bill Close and  Channel 10 news and engineering crew gloated over pulling  this  first off...  just in a very short  time before the  SKY-12 Tayburn system was deployed. 

Did it  work? Yes, a signal  was sent... SO... was KOOL First?  Yes, first signal -  but alas not as practical airborne  news platform. Was it usable? Sorta! If  everything was connected,  aimed properly and you had  time to set it all up... an airborne news report could be set to the station

Jerry Foster is finishing up  his book "EARTH BOUND MISFIT" That will be released at he end of summer.

Many questions will be answered and  facts explored by Jerry's book.  We at SMECC will be putting together not only  more  info on the Tayburn system from the engineering aspects. 

Controversial at times? Indeed! Whether you loved or hated him,  Pilot/Reporter Jerry Foster helped transform the helicopter industry into what it is today. Enjoy this video segment as Foster breaks his silence in a no holds barred interview on "Flying with Chopper Rose" and takes us on another wild ride down memory lane. Ed Sharpe  - Archivist for SMECC

For Previews of book chapters, interesting stories and  some fun  photos   also check out

Ed Sharpe Archivist  for SMECC and Jerry Foster retired KPNX SKY-12 pilot and reporter examine  the Tayburn TNR-202A Airborne news relay system omni-directional antenna mount. 


A flash from the past! -  Ed Sharpe Archivist  for SMECC and Jerry Foster retired KPNX SKY-12 pilot and reporter examine  the Tayburn TNR-202A Airborne news relay system omni-directional antenna mount  from the original sky 12 helicopter over 30 years ago... The dark metal portion  mounted to the landing skid on the bottom of the helicopter and the light colored portion would deploy the omni antenna downwards when the craft was in flight... and hopefully also raise it before landing! In addition,  the skid mount held the PA, a 2 Gigahertz  power amplifier rated at 13 watts. -  A twin to this assembly was mounted on the other skid with a deployable omni-directional antenna  for receiving. Looking at the  news ad of the Sky 12 helicopter below you can see 2 omni-directional  antennas and the close up inset photo shows the unit that Ed and Jerry are examining.

In the inset Photo and line drawing below, you will notice two can-like  items on  the skid mount. These are forward and  rear facing 2 Gigahertz directional horn antennas. These were used to achieve higher gain back to the Tayburn Auto tracking receive site antenna.





Harriscope -  Flagstaff TV and Cable - TeleMation

We currently have an open history project about  on air television and  cable  broadcasting in  Flagstaff. There is a serious lack of information in this area.  Help? Please!?   Also  will include radio in  this  also but main thrust at the moment is  TV and Cable as we have a tiny about of material to start with.

If there is any of this old hardware around  we  want it  for the display here.  We are also interested in  magazine and newspaper clippings  related,   written memories or tapes.  ... anything.
For starters... need information on the following... here are  some keywords..  and see the article below  from 1969..

Thanks  in advance  folks...  
Ed Sharpe archivist for SMECC 623 435 1522


Arizona Cable Firm To Install TM System

In the TeleMation booth at the recent California Cable TV Assn. Convention, Ken Lawson discussed with Geoffrey Nathanson, executive vice president of Harriscope Cable Corp., the new TeleMation origination system to be installed at Flagstaff TV & Cable, Flagstaff, Ariz., early this year. Robert Weisberg, right, TeleMation Program Services president, will supply film programming to the Harriscope-owned system.


Amherst Community Television History


AMHERST COMMUNITY TELEVISION (ACT) is a non-profit community service which brings locally produced television to Amherst Mass.  viewers by operating the Amherst's cable television channel.



RADIO TODAY      JUNE, 1939 Page  29

RCA- Victor offers sound effects for young America in this electrical kit, which also
 allows the youngsters to experiment with radio and public address systems.

Has anyone seen one of these kits!? This was advertised in RADIO TODAY, a magazine  for the radio shop owner.







TNR 202A                                                                           General Information

Figure 1-2. Airborne News Relay System



1.7 The TNR 202A News Relay System consists of the units and assemblies listed below (See Figure 1-2), Physical dimensions of the units are listed in Table 1-2.

' TBR 202 P/2 Portable Antenna

' TBR 202 AB/2 2GHz Video Receiver

' TBT 202 AB/2 2 GHz Video Transmitter

' TCP 202 AB/2 Annunciator Control Panel 

' TAC 202 AB/2 Antenna Deployment Unit Control Box

' TBA 202 AB/2 Skid Mount Assemblies 

' TBT 202 P/2 Portable Video Transmitter





Need  for museum display Tayburn TNR-202A Airborne news relay system or parts of it!
Complete, parts, pieces, catalogs, docs. posters,  oral history about,  photographs of installs... etc etc



News in Town!


The 28th Annual Walter Cronkite Award for
Excellence in Journalism and Mass Communication

Christiane Amanpour  

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Sheraton Phoenix Downtown Hotel

Article by  Bette Sharpe Glendale Daily Planet Photos  by Ed Sharpe and Bette Sharpe

Cronkite School Partners
 With Chyron to Bring 
Graphics to Newsroom


Air Force Museum to display Cold War satellites
- Dayton Daily News

{EXCERPT} WRIGHT-PATTERSON AIR FORCE BASE Newly declassified satellites that the United States... Full Report:

FCC opens door for AzCMF and Radio Phoenix to proceed with construction permit, dismisses all objections to AzCMF application filing.

Almost 1,500 days after AzCMF filed its application for a construction application for a new full power FM station, on October 18, the FCC ruled in favor of AzCMF and Radio Phoenix on every point of objection that was raised by American Educational Broadcasting (AEB).  Essentially, AEB was complaining the the FCC dismissed its application and let ours proceed.  Peter Doyle, chief of the Media Bureau, sent a letter to AEB in which he found that it  had failed to follow FCC procedures, had failed to properly appeal the dismissal of the AEB application which had been filed on top of our application, and finally, noted that even if AEB had done everything in a correct fashion, that it still would have been out because after two attempts, it could not correct its faulty engineering.


AEB is an affiliate of Educational Media Foundation, the largest religious broadcaster in the United States.  EMF has an annual income of $88 million a year.  The legal staff at AzCMF took on this Goliath and beat it back.  The ruling from the FCC opens the door to the issuance of a construction permit by the FCC, which will allow us to begin fundraising and planning for a full power FM station.


AEB and EMF still have many appeals they can file to continue to block AzCMF from going on the air.  However, the issuance of this letter dismissing their claims is a major step forward in bringing real community radio to Greater Phoenix. MORE 




Wear The "CHIMES" and great 
catalog of NBC Labeled Promo items


nbc_ch1.gif (381456 bytes)




Debra Chernick  Interviews 
Helen Chernick (was Helen Epstein - WJAR)

Debra L. Chernick, daughter of Helen Chernick, age 88, contacted us at SMECC while researching her mother's part in Providence, Rhode Island's early broadcasting history. Debra came across an article we published by David Stackhouse where he described WJAR's Kiddie Radio Revue. Helen Chernick, then Helen Epstein, participated as a young singer in the 1930's. After reading the article, Debra emailed us and upon our request, interviewed her mom on video and provided these materials that are scanned here.


A Tribute to the TV Serviceman

NATIONAL TELEVISION Servicemen's Week, a nation-wide tribute to the 100,000 technicians who service the 34,500,000 television sets of the American public, was inaugurated on March 7 at the close of NBC's unprecedented color telecast of "Peter Pan." Read  about this 1955 event  >>HERE<<




HELP!  Anyone with microwave associates  MA-13cp
 13 gig relay equip background?


Any  manuals, files, photos, more parts??  etc etc etc????  

Also  looking for  any oral history also.

 Thanks, email me at

Ed Sharpe, Archivist for SMECC
See the Museum's Web Site at


We need this Tayburn 2 gig airborne microwave unit

Need  for museum display Tayburn TNR-202A Airborne news relay system or parts of it!
Complete, parts, pieces, catalogs, docs. posters,  oral history about,  photographs of installs... etc etc

Ed Sharpe, Archivist for SMECC

See the Museum's Web Site at



RCA Telemite Miniature 
Television Camera

Did it Ever Exist?



An optically stabilized camera lens system 

SCHWEM Technology






Bell and Howell Motion Picture 
Equipment for Television Stations

film_c10.jpg (77735 bytes)

Look inside the brochure

This booklet has been prepared specifically for the use of television stations, to acquaint them with the complete range of motion picture equipment manufactured by the Bell & Howell Company.


A while back a writer under the employ of General Electric contacted me...

Take a look at all the interesting info they have on these  pages but also here is   what they quoted me on... some quotes are a bit loose  check with me before you go to press  on anything further.  and we will tighten things up a bit!

This is fun, computer history, Papa Spielberg and our 40th president! ....Ed Sharpe


Progress Reports  

A look back at Ronald Reagan's speech to GE execs at the dawn of the computer age

Celebrating the Centennial
Ronald Reagan & GE

Frontiers of Progress

On May 2, 1961, Ronald Reagan delivered a memorable speech at the GE computer department’s “Frontiers of Progress” sales meeting in Apache Junction, Arizona. His eloquent words about computing and GE’s role in the industry’s brief history came at an optimistic time in America and at the dawn of the automation age.Less than a decade later, (In 1970) GE would sell its computer division to Honeywell for $200 million. Still, the 1950’s and 1960’ was an exciting era of innovation in the nascent world of computer technology, and Reagan’s speech personified that excitement and sense of promise. for rest of article.........


lots of GE Stuff!


By - Ed Sharpe Glendale Daily Planet and submitted data.


One Upon a Time...
In A Little Town Called Prescott...

The Teleprompter Cable Experiment!




MSgt. William E. Feeney, served as Station Commander at three AFKN locations, first at Tong Du Chon near the DMZ, then at Pusan, and finally at Seoul.

Explore-  HERE!


In progress....  material  copyright  The Feeney Family. All Rights reserved

Mort Brayer's Grand Ave. Radio Co.

Ed Sharpe Interviews Mort Brayer  C SMEC 1983 - C SMECC 2010

wpe17.gif (1049911 bytes)


AFKN  Memories and Photos by 
Bill Lambing
Click for More!


 A2C Lambing PFC Milt Fulcher AFKN Kunsan



JVC Video  GC-4800U Camera and PV-4800 Portable Reel to Reel 
Video tape recorder  WAST-TV  WNYT-TV
By Wayne White


 WJAR Kiddie Radio Review Section

David Stackhouse in his short bio told us about "Celia Moreau, who teaches piano  and singing, to youngsters, was long a featured personality  on WJAR with a Kiddie's Revue every Saturday morning that caused all dials to be turned. to 920. They sang, danced, played; and many have gone on to musical futures, others in the musical or teaching business. 

Soon... you will see photos from one of the performers life and hear an exclusive interview with her telling us about those days of the 1930s... Soon! Stay tuned!



DAGE Model 520 Television Cameras 

We have two of these DAGE 520 Cameras here in the museum's collection. 

These 2 cameras  had been used at WCSC-ETV...


video_82.gif (73992 bytes)  


  We Found Photos of the Old Station!


West Chester University 

Educational Television  in the 1970's

We need to know more! Look at what and who is on the  page this LINK follows onto...



NEWS FLASH!  We have found the Baughman Spider stand   for the  Dage Camera...BUT!  We need this  tripod head... Who made  the head?  Help?

Would like another Baughman stand  for the other camera also!  Help?





added   2-6-2011
RCA 'Model M1' Magnetic Wire Recorder Manual now online HERE

See what  radio school was in
 1922 at the 'Dawn of Broadcasting'

  Janet Napolitano back when she was Governor of Arizona and Ed Sharpe Director and Lead Archivist for SMECC  at Bitzee Mama's Restaurant in downtown Glendale Arizona. I was fortunate to  have some time to  discuss science, technology and education with Janet at the breakfast table. Unknown to many, Janet coded in FORTRAN at  Sandia High School in Albuquerque New Mexico in her younger days!
wpeC.gif (141749 bytes) PHX11 , the Phoenix government cable channel, required  a JVC KY2000 and a 3/4 JVC U-matic portable recorder to portray the first equipment they used to put City of Phoenix government activities on cable television

SMECC was able to assist them with the loan of equipment that is now on display in the station lobby.
(Click photo for larger view)

PHX11 began in 1984 as the city of Phoenix's government access cable channel with a staff of four and five minutes of programming per week.

Today, the award-winning PHX11 is one of the top local cable stations in the country, reaching an estimated 320,000 households throughout the Valley. It provides quality programs that educate, inform and entertain residents 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Visit PHX11 at:


Ed Sharpe of Glendale Arizona wins Rocky Mountain Emmy(R) Award for Breaking News/ Continuing Coverage 

CouryGraph Productions Is The Museum Production Facility!



Photo: Jennifer Jones KPHO and President of the Rocky Mountain NATAS Chapter and Ed Sharpe of CouryGraph Productions/ Glendale Daily Planet / KKAT-IPTV  with 2007 Rocky Mountain Emmy(R) Award for the  production of "The Laura Graff Hit and Run Accident - Search For The Driver" .(Photo by Bette Sharpe)


Ed Sharpe of  CouryGraph Productions / Glendale Daily Planet / KKAT-IPTV in  Glendale, AZ  was award a  2007 Rocky Mountain Emmy(R) Award for the  production of :
The Laura Graff Hit and Run Accident - Search For The Driver" . READ MORE



In Memoriam...James M. Early


Jim was a friend of the museum and a mentor to me during the formation of it back in the days it occupied some shared space with Computer Exchange Inc. in the old industrial part on Desert Cove in Phoenix Arizona.

 Jim wrote several articles and spent extensive time editing on  Volume #2 and #3 of "VINTAGE ELECTRICS. 

His background at Bell Laboratories proved invaluable when  we cataloged some of the more obscure artifacts in the  K. D. Smith Collection. K. D. Was his first supervisor at Bell Laboratories.

His words always possessed wisdom and humor, Jim we will miss hearing you...

-Ed Sharpe, Archivist for SMECC


See The Memorial To James Early  - Click to go...

Early Electronics Schools

This certificate prepared my father   to embrace the  new electronics invention... RADAR.  Just prior to the war breaking out,  he completed electronics training in March 1941. -  Ed Sharpe Archivist for SMECC


H. A. Sharpe

NEW!   Learn more about this school HERE


See some  books picked by the museum staff you  will enjoy!  EMPIRE OF THE AIR  is also out now on DVD.


Please  CLICK here to  see what is in store for you  thanks to our associate, Great prices and  complete satisfaction! 

Every book you order though our SMECC book  page gets us a tiny credit to use towards new books needed by the reference library here at the museum.

Navy  GF Series  - ©Dave Stinson AB5S

See what airborne transmitters preceded the ARC-5 in those 'between the war' years.

Help solve the missing years of....
David L. Stackhouse - WEAN - WJAR - WEAN - WSBE

LINC   ...the Laboratory Instrument Computer Developed for biomedical research, now made and sold  by Digital Equipment Corporation.


Explore Some Early Areas of  Burroughs Computer History Section - Help Add to it and Build it! 

We are researching Burroughs FE
 Jack Aldridge
 Did you know him?

J.C. Bose at the Royal Institution, London, 1897

Just one hundred years ago, J.C. Bose described to the Royal Institution in London his research carried out in Calcutta at millimeter wavelengths. He used waveguides, horn antennas, dielectric lenses, various polarizers and even semiconductors at frequencies as high as 60 GHz; much of his original equipment is still in existence, now at the Bose Institute in Calcutta. Some concepts from his original 1897 papers have been incorporated into a new 1.3-mm multi-beam receiver now in use on the NRAO 12 Meter Telescope.


John R. Pierce


Read about one of  of J. R. Pierce's  many accomplishments

TELSTAR <click here!<

ECHO  <click here!<

My Work With Vacuum Tubes At Bell Laboratories < click here!<

Lucent Obit. Notice <click here!<

Stanford Obit. Notice <click here!<

Creative Thinking  <click here!<

MEMORIAL To John R. Pierce

The 'Coury House' built in the early 1940's
located In the Heart of Glendale's Historic District
A place to walk back through time!

and... here is the  sketch of the planned expansion....









wpe18.gif (135519 bytes)

Archivist Ed Sharpe near some of the
SAGE artifacts at SMECC.
Photo by: Cesar A. Vasquez-Carrera





Heath HERO Jr. Robot Joins the staff!
 It Has Been Appointed Chief of Security!

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Learn about the 
Heliograph - Signaling by sun!

Community, Activist and Early Art Video

    Once upon a time... 

People arose wielding half inch video cameras 
with pack recorders strapped to their sides... 

They sought to document unpublished truths...

They created art...

They wanted us to open our eyes...

Into the 'Wayback Machine' to the late 60s and 70's to hear their story. Here you will find an interesting collection of  first time seen information and some links to great sites.. enjoy! 

NTA Telestudios





Editors Note: This Booklet Documents An Early  Company That Produced Commercials for Agencies Outside the Network Environment - 1959/1960 


Videotape Recorders and Cameras



The Videotape Recorder Turns 50

Routine NAB preview event showcased revolutionary technology

by James E. O'Neal


Check out this link to the NPR presentation of the introduction ad, interviews and folks that called in to comment...

The Start of the G.E. Computer Department
(Bear with us as this section is under construction adn the  OCR software only works.. so well...  we are continuing to clean the text and scan more in...)



Check out our start of the REA section!
(Willie Wiredhand Lives)!

Barry Goldwater and Ed Sharpe Playing With Radios!
Interview  with the Senator on early broadcasting in Phoenix

wpeA.jpg (24408 bytes)Display case at the Southwest Museum of Engineering, Communications and Computation (SMECC) which houses part of the museum's computer collection. Built from a donated sliding glass door and  the rest from reused Valley West Mall Material. The VWM components made the top, sides, back slat wall, support beams trim strips etc....


wpe16.jpg (18524 bytes) Valley West Mall also known 
as Manistee Center Demolition

Experience the Demolition of Valley West Mall also known as Manistee Center, that has given us raw material to build museum display cases with...


  Check out an excellent biography on Frederick Terman

microw5.jpg (11454 bytes) Engineer Bob Snyder With the Microwave Oven
'Works' Display he built for the museum. (Click for larger view)
  Meet Albert J. Yascavage, WW II Radio operator!

Elliot's Nike Experiences!  


Proximity Fuze History

Photographs and Cards of the late
Capt. Lyman M. Edwards USNR Ret. Amateur Radio Operator  


Click above to go visit Capt. Edwards...

Display Construction Update!

Construction on the General Electric Computer Display
is underway....

We can use some more 6 foot and 8 foot sliding glass doors!
2x4, 2x6 and plywood needed also!

Yes! A complete RCA EMT 12 Page Brochure has been found!
You may get all 12 pages, but we suggest  a high speed line!

Recent WWII books being added to the collection!



Check out the history of KCRJ Jerome AZ. I will try to retrieve the photos that go with this.

Mahlon Loomis, First Wireless Telegrapher!


A Visit to WWII Radar
with Morgan Mc Mahon!


Be sure to check out "The Vernon Furr Story", this is  a story I did back in 1990 WHEN SMECC was just SMEC


Welcome  to our collection of open source

Library Automation Tools 

The days of spending thousands for software to automate is over!
- Ed Sharpe archivist for SMECC


Visit the old HP2000F/ 2000 Access timeshare system on display At SMECC! 

This system was  originally bought by Maricopa Community Colleges and then when retired was run as a time share system  in the early days at Computer Exchange Inc.  that was located In Phoenix Arizona. Eventually this computer became a display artifact there when it was replaced by a HP 3000 system.

Below is an old shot form the computer room at Computer Exchange Inc. Phoenix Arizona. This is right before we got the HP 3000 systems.

wpe14.jpg (22618 bytes)
click image for larger view!

wpe13.gif (91197 bytes)

Ed Sharpe CEO Computer Exchange INC.

This is a 20 stack platter disc pack for the 
 HP 2883 Disc Drive on the HP2000 Timeshare
 System for Computer Exchange Inc.


wpe54.jpg (48682 bytes)    wpe58.jpg (49804 bytes)  
Hp-3000 Series II System and Ed Sharpe

Think about it...

One thing all of us should consider; vintage electrical technology daily hits the land fills across America. Only if we make a dedicated effort, will the artifacts and literature of our technological history be preserved. It is up to all of us who know the history of an item to make sure that it will be kept secure for future scientists and engineers to study. We can not rely on the actions of our heirs to accomplish it, as they may not understand the implication that an artifact had on the development of a technology. It is up to you and me in the present life to accomplish this.

The museum is seeking items that would be of interest to the people who indulge themselves in research at our facility, as well as those younger folks who come just to find out how an old telephone or radio works. Please do not dispose of anything before contacting us! -EAS

We are always looking to buy books , paper,  or artifacts related to RADAR and RADAR Countermeasures to add to the museum. Please contact us! Email here or 623-435-1522


Always looking for  items for display, or literature to add to our reference library,

drop a note to the archivist at:


We are looking for any info relating to the McCarty Wireless Telephone Company. 

Please call us or drop a letter if you have any material relating to McCarty.

"The most beautiful experience we can have is the mysterious.  
It is the fundamental emotion which stands at the cradle of true art and true science.  
Whosoever does not know it and can no longer wonder,  
No longer marvel, is as good as dead,
And his eyes are dimmed.
Albert Einstein

~ Click For The Map! ~

We are always looking to buy books , paper,  or artifacts related to RADAR and RADAR Countermeasures to add to the museum. Please contact us! Email here or 623-435-1522



"Who controls the past commands the future. Who commands the future conquers the past."

-George Orwell

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Could Public, Educational And Governmental Cable Access Channels Go Away?


Over 3900 file comments with the FCC on the issue of Video Franchising and some of them were from YOU!


Senate commerce committee met Feb. 15th on video franchising.

Senate Commerce Committee Chairman Ted Stevens (R-Alaska) and Co-Chairman Daniel Inouye (D-Hawaii)  scheduled a
Full Committee Hearing on Video Franchising for 10am on Wednesday, February 15, 2006.
Tony Riddle of the
ACM will testify on behalf of public access centers nationwide.

The session has been archived at MNN in 
Realplayer format -
watch it here!
(Some Lead-in with a title slide either wait the time or fast- forward the player some)- 

FCC Testimony
Read the testimony offered on behalf of the Alliance membership on the topic of Video Franchising currently being considered at the federal level.

Over 3900 file comments with the FCC
on the issue of Video Franchising

CLICK HERE to Read the comments left at...



Could Public, Educational And Governmental Cable Access Channels Go Away?

Scary Thought..... Fight It!  Check Out.......

News  from.... 
ACM Logo
The Alliance for Community Media

Manhattan Neighborhood Network
Help Save Public Access TV!
Your Community Cable Channels (Public, Educational, Governmental) are
under threat by pending legislation in the House and Senate. Take Action!


TV on Wheels Book :  - This is the first complete book ever written with tons of information on video and audio production trucks. It covers every aspect from satellite and microwave vans, remote pro audio trucks on up to the newest ten million dollar HD slide out trailers you see at concerts and Super Bowl games. Costs, technology, how they are built and designed, accidents and a full history of broadcast trucks are covered. The book, published in 2003, is a hard bound, glossy, coffee table quality book, 218 pages in length, with nearly 700 photographs and diagrams, most of which are in color. Whether you are involved with one camera live shots, satellite uplinks, or take part in the marquee events that require large truck compounds this book celebrates the TV and audio truck industry. This book explains the industry on three levels as well as a picture essay of the business. It also provides nearly 70,000 words of narration to tie the pictures into a story. Want to delve a little deeper into some of the technical and production issues involved? The book has dozens of sidebars that look a little further under the hood of this interesting industry. From concept, to planning, through setup to air time the reader walks through the process of performing television on location. Whether you are building your own truck, retrofitting an existing truck or just plain interested in mobile audio and video --this book packs a ton of real world information between its covers. By Jim Boston & George Hoover :  TV on Wheels Only $99 plus $12 freight! Learn about the history of remote trucks!

Coury House / SMECC 
5802 W. Palmaire Ave                           Call Us at 623-435-1522


The purpose of life is not to be happy.  It is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well.  -Ralph Waldo Emerson
"All men dream, but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds wake in the day to find that it was vanity. But dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act their dream with open eyes to make it possible." -T.E. Lawrence






               BIO Ed Sharpe



- Ed Sharpe always has been passionate about technology, even as a young boy. "When I was a kid, as my compatriots were out throwing dirt clods at each other, I was building radios," says the 50-year-old archivist of the Southwest Museum of Engineering, Communications and Computation.


- As a child, Sharpe soaked up as much information as he could about technology, spending hours with adults who were knowledgeable about the field. Retirees, in particular, proved to be incredible resources.

"They were the best because they had time on their hands," Sharpe says, "and you could go by after school and pester those poor guys and they'd teach you anything you wanted to learn."


- Education of the public on the history of technology is important.

"By understanding where we came from, we have a better understanding of how to go forward," Sharpe says.


- The Southwest Museum of Engineering, Communications and Computation, in Glen­dale, occupies 2,000 square feet of the Coury House, include a cross-sectional history on RCA products such as radios and electron microscopes; a rural electrification display that shows how American farms became electrified; an office-automation display with phone switchboards and Dictaphone machines, military communications, radar and countermeasures; and an early computer display that has some of the first computers.



- Originally a smaller-scale museum  was part, of Computer Exchange Inc., a Phoenix business Sharpe once owned.


"Every day artifacts that depict the history of engineering and science hit the landfill," he says. "We need to preserve our technological heritage."


- The Museum is located at 5802 W. Palmaire Ave., Glendale. Admission is free, and tours are provided  by appointment Tuesday through Saturday.


- Sharpe  is a member of  the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (NATAS),  Society of Broadcast Engineers (SBE), Independent Feature Project (IFP) (IFP/PHX), Investigative Reporters and Editors (IRE), Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ), National Press Photographers Association (NPPA), Southwest Museum of Engineering, Communications and Computation (SMECC) and other associations.



here is a nice BIO  the  folks at the TELLOS ALLIANCE 
did on   me and the  museum project.







Scoundrels use history to maintain a harsh economic and political system and their position in it.

-- 1973 by Roberta Kass (Miller) from the draft of radical software #6


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