Silvertone 1947 Wire Recoder Console Combo
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History of the 1947 Sears Silvertone
Phonograph/Wire Recorder/Radio
 Entertainment Center 


Tammy Buckallew tells us:

"One of only 500 made by Sears & Roebuck, this 1947 Silvertone Stereo is unique in that it features a wire recorder (pre-8 Track, Cassette, and CD era), a radio receiver that includes Short Wave, AM and Broadcast (no  FM), and a record player that played old Tommy Dorsey, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and other old great 1940's and 1950's 78 RPM records. It also features a wire mesh microphone and stand. All of the components of the stereo are authentic and original dating back to the original purchase. 

This console was purchased new in 1947 by Glen and Carolyn Thompson (later Carolyn Charles) for $250.00 in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. It resided in Fort Worth until the late 1970's when it was relocated to Kansas City by Carolyn Charles' daughter Tammy Charles "Buckallew" and her husband Rodney. Following, the stereo made it way around the country moving back to Dallas, Texas, then to Colorado Springs, Colorado, back to Kansas City and finally ending up in Phoenix, Arizona where it will retire and be refurbished at the SMECC Broadcasting Museum. 

The unique wire recorder was used and has old recordings of various family members including Carolyn & Tammy Charles as well as some of Carolyn's relatives from Ft. Worth, Texas. 

We hope you enjoy this relic of over 65 years as it has brought our family much entertainment and joy. 

We want to thank the SMECC Broadcasting  and Communications Museum for giving this piece a good home and displaying it so that everyone can enjoy it uniqueness. "


According to what we can find at the museum - This model was from 1947 to 1950,it was a version of this with the same radio chassis #101.831-1 with a 12 T.V. in 1950. Was available with a strictly 78 rpm. record changer & in 48 a three speed changer at slight additional cost. Mahogany veneered cabinet.

The information is:
Sears Roebuck Silvertone AM/FM Radio
Self-changing Record Player
Wire Recorder.
Catalog No. 8127
Chassis No. 101.831-A


This is an interesting unit due to the wire recorder that is in it with the Telechron Clock timer!  You  could set it to record your favorite radio show just  like  the home VCR.... 


We are awaiting  schematic diagrams before  we restore this  unit!  It will be interesting to see  what voices can be recovered off the  wire spools!  

Any other owners of these units out there   with information or stores to share? Drop us an email HERE 
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