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Finally got my device for dumping slides to the computer...
I was at Radio Mercury in 1960.  When I arrived in Korea as an AF 30430 Radio Relay Tech, it was noted prior broadcast experience as an Engineer-in-Training at KLIX Radio/KMVT TV in Idaho.
Thus, I went to Kunsan.
Before the end of the year, I was removed and returned to the AACS org in Osan.  Seems as someone got their tail in a jam by sending me to Kunsan.
Anyway ... some pix are attached.
Sgt Burke was our manager.
Miss Nah Un Chong was our secretary and was ok if you could get past the Kimchi...
Henry was our "Houseboy" who did a great job at anything you could ask him to do.
PFC Milt Fulcher was an announcer assigned.
A3C Smith was another announcer assigned.
A2C Bruce Card was another part time announcer (also an MP).
A3C Les Sego was another announcer assigned.
Don't remember any other names.
Gates BC-1 ( ) 1Kw transmitter.
Collins R-390 and RCA AR-88 receivers in the main announce booth.
Gates Consoles.
Bill Lambing
Greenwood, IN


A2C Lambing In the booth!

A2C Lambing PFC Milt Fulcher AFKN Kunsan


Announce Booth#2 AFKN


Announce Booth#2 AFKN


AFKN Transmitter Building in rear


Fulcher and Burke... general ass chewing



Miss Na Un Chong Secretary of AFKN


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