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Including the Ames Laboratory of the

Atomic Energy Commission Ames, Iowa


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Frank H. Spedding 

Advisory Committee on Policy 

Charles E. Friley, Chairman 
   Floyd Andre 
Henry D. Bergman 
    Harold V. Gaskill 
    Boyne H. Platt 
    J. F. Downie Smith 
    Frank H. Spedding 

President of Iowa State College 

Charles E. Friley 



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          Graduate Students 



-Research Programs 

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AmesLaboratoryThe Ames Project (1942-1946)


Ames Laboratory Reactor Dedication (1963)

This video shows the cornerstone unveiling ceremony for the Ames Laboratory nuclear reactor. The event takes place on May 30, 1963, on the campus of Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa. Speeches and introductions were given by Frank Spedding, Director of the Ames Laboratory, James H. Hilton, President of Iowa State University, and Glenn T. Seaborg, Chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission. Those introduced at the ceremony included members of the Board of Regents of the State of Iowa, Congressman Neal Smith, members of the Atomic Energy Commission, and members of the Ames Laboratory including Harley Wilhelm, Adolph Voigt, and Willard McCorkle.





Staff of the Iowa State College
Institute for Atomic Research
Senior Research Staff"
Frank H. Spedding, Projessor of Chemistry, 1945, 1937; Professor of
Physics, 1950. . .
B. S., University 0/ Michigan, 1925; M.S., ibid., 1926; Ph.D., Unioersity
of California, 1929; LL.D., Drake University, 1946; D.~c., University of
Michigan, 1949. Physical chemistry, rare earth chemistry, metallurgy,
spectroscopy, solid state physics.
Associate Director
Harley A. Wilhelm, Professor of Chemistry, 1947, 1927.
A.B., Drake University, 1923; Ph.D., Iowa State College, 1931.
Physical chemistry, metallurgy, spectrochemistry.
Assistant to the Director
Ellis I. Fulmer, Professor of Chemistry, 1947, 1919.
B.A., Nebraska Wesleyan University, 1912; M.A., University of Nebraska,
1913; Ph.D., University 0/ Toronto, 1919; D.Sc., Nebraska Wesleyan
University, 1944. Physical chemistry, colloid chemistry.
Assistant to the Director
Adolf F. Voigt, Associate Professor of Chemistry, 1950, 1942.
B.A., Pomona College, 1935; M.A., Claremont College, 1936; Ph.D.,
University of Michigan, 1942. Physical chemistry, radiochemistry, health
Chemistry and Metallurgy

Charles A. Goetz, Professor 0/ Chemistry and Head of the Department, 1950,
1948; Chief, Metallurgy and Chemistry Division of the Ames Laboratory,
1950.B.5., University oj Lllinois, 1932; M.S., ibid., 1934; Ph.D., ibid., 1938.
Charles V. Banks, Associate Professor of Chemistry, 1949, 1941.
B.Ed., Western Illinois State Teachers College, 1941; M.S., Iowa State
College, 1944; Ph.D., ibid., 1946. Analytical chemistry.
" First date after name indicates date of appointment to present position; second date,
when the first fails to do so, indicates date of first appointment in the College.
O. Norman Carlson, Assistant Professor of Chemistry, 1950, 1943.
B.A., Yankton College, 1943; Ph.D., Iowa State College, 1950.
Physical chemistry, metallurgy.
Premo Chiotti, Assistant Professor of Chemistry, 1950, 1945.
B.5., University of Illinois, 1938; Ph.D., Iowa State College, 1950.
Physical chemistry, metallurgy.
Adrian H. Daane, Assistant Professor of Chemistry, 1951, 1942.
B.S., University of Florida, 1941; Ph.D., Iowa State College, 1950.
Physical chemistry, metallurgy,
Frederick R. Duke, Associate Professor of Chemistry, 1948.
B.A., University of South. Dakota, 1937; Ph.D., University of Illinois,
1940. Kinetics and mechanisms of inorganic reactions.
Velmer A. Fassel, Associate Professor of Chemistry. 1951, 1941.
B.A., Southeast Missouri State College, 1941; Ph.D., Iowa 'State College,
1947. Physical chemistry, spectrochemistry.
James S. Fritz, Assistant Professor of Chemistry, 1951.
B.5., James Millikin University, 1945; M.5., University of Illinois,
1946; Ph.D., ibid., 1948. Analytical chemistry.
Maurice Griffel, Assistant Professor of Chemistry, 1949.
B.5., College of City of New York" 1939; M.S., University of Michigan,
1941; Ph.D., University of Chicago, 1949. Physical chemistry, lowtemperature
Robert S. Hansen, Associate Professor of Chemistry, 1951, 1948.
B.5., University of Michigan, 1940; M.S., ibid., 1941; Ph.D., ibid., 1948.
Colloid and surface chemistry.
Don S. Martin, Associate Professor of Chemistry, 1947, 1946.
B.5., Purdue University, 1939; Ph.D., California Institute of Technology,
1944. Inorganic chemistry, radiochemistry.
David Peterson, Assistant Professor of Chemistry, 1951, 1947.
B.S., Iowa State College, 1947. Ph.D., ibid., 1950. Physical chemistry,
Bruce A. Rogers, Professor of Chemistry, 1948, 1919.
B.S., Iowa State College, 1916; M.S., University 01 Chicago, 1920; Ph.D.,
Harvard University, 1933. Metallurgy.
Robert E. Rundle, Professor of Chemistry, 1946, 1941.
B.S., University of Nebraska, 1937; M.S., ibid., 1938; Ph.D., California
Institute of Technology, 1941. Physical chemistry, structural chemistry,
X-ray diffraction.
Harrison Shull, Assistant Professor of Chemistry, 1949.
A.B., Princeton University, 1943; Ph.D., University of California
(Berkeley), 1948. Physical chemistry; spectroscopy.
Harry J. Svec, Assistant Professor of Chemistry, 1949, 1941.
B.S., John Carroll University, 1941; Ph.D., Iowa State College, 1950.
Physical chemistry, mass spectrometry.
Leland A. Underko.fler (acting for Robert R. Sealock, deceased), Professor
of Chemistry, 1949, 1928.
A.B., Nebraska Wesleyan, 1928; PhD., Iowa State College, 1934. Biochemistry.
Gerald W. Fox, Professor of Physics and Head of the Department, 1947,
1930; Chief, Physics Division of the Ames Laboratory, 1950.
A.B., University of Michigan, 1923; A.M., ibid., 1924; Ph.D., ibid.,
1926. Physics.
J. Franklin Carison, Professor of Physics, 1948, 1946.
A.B., University 0/ California, 1928; M.A., ihid., 1930; Ph.D., ibid.,
1932. Theoretical physics, electrodynamics.
Gordon C. Danielson, Associate Professor of Physics, 1948.
B.A., University of British Columbia, 1933; M.A., ihid., 1935; Ph.D.,
Purdue University, 1940. Solid state physics.
Donald E. Hudson, Assistant Professor of Physics, 1951.
B.S., .University of Minnesota, 1942; Ph.D., Cornell University, 1950.
High energy physics, solid state, physical electronics.
Erling N. Jensen, Associate Professor of Physics, 1950, 1943.
A.B., Drake University, 1932; M.A., Columbia University, 1933; Ph.D.,
Iowa State College, 1947. Experimental nuclear physics.
Joseph M. Keller, Associate Professor of Physics, 1947, 1946.
B.S., Harvard University, 1932; Ph.D., University of California, 1940.
Theoretical physics, quantum theory, nuclear forces.
Julian K. Knipp, Professor of Physics, 1948, 1946.
B.A., University of Illinois, 1931; M.A., Harvard University, 1932; Ph.D.,
ibid., 1935. Theoretical physics, molecular and nuclear physics.
L. Jackson Laslett, Professor of Physics, 1951, 1946.
B.S., California Institute of Technology, 1933; Ph.D'., University of
California, 1937. Experimental nuclear physics.
Sam Legvold, Associate Professor of Physics, 1946, 1935.
A.B., Luther College, 1935; M.S., Iowa State College, 1936; Ph.D.,
ibid., 1946. Mathematical physics, low-temperature physics.
Glenn H. Miller, Assistant Professor of Physics, 1948, 1947.
B.S., Wake Forest College, 1942; Ph.D., Cornell University, 1947.
Experimental nuclear physics.
Daniel J. Zaffarano, Associate Professor of Physics, 1949.
B.S., Case Institute o] Technology, 1939; M.S., Indiana University,
1948; Ph.D., ibid., 1949. Experimental nuclear physics.
Grover L. Bridger, Professor of Chemical and Mining Engineering and
Head of the Department, 1948, 1935; Chief, Chemical Engineering Division
of the Ames Laboratory, .1950.
B.S., Rice Institute, 1933; M.A., ibid., 1935; Ph.D., Iowa State College,
1938. Chemical engineering.
Gerhard H. Beyer, Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering, 1949.
B.S., University of Wisconsin, 1944; M.s., ibid., 1947; Ph.D., ibid., 1949.
Chemical engineering, thermodynamics, kinetics.
Thomas K. FitzPatrick, Professor of Architecture and Architectural Engineering
and Head of the Department, 1946, 1945.
B.Arch., Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1932; M.Arch., ihid.
1933. Architectural engineering.
Elmer S. Fitzsimmons, Assistant Professor of Ceramic Engineering, 1951.
B.s., Alfred University, 1943; D.Sc., Massachusetts Institute of Technology,
1950. Ceramic engineering.
William Millard. Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering, 1950.
B.S., University of Missouri, 1941; M.S., ibid., 1947; Ph.D., Cornell
University, 1950. Chemical engineering, diffusional operations.
Glenn Murphy, Professor of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, 1941, 1932.
B.s., University 0/ Colorado, 1929; M.S., ibid., 1930; M.S., University
of Illinois, 1932; Ph.D., Iowa State College, 193.5; C.E., University of
Colorado, 1937. Engineering materials, theoretical and applied mechanics,
nuclear engineering.
Richard T. Othmer, Assistant Professor of Theoretical and Applied Mecha1l
ics, 1947, 1939.
B.s., South Dakota State College, 1938; M.S., Iowa State College, 1947.
Theoretical and applied mechanics.
Burrell F. Ruth, Professor of Chemical Engineering, 1942, 1938.
B.S., Michigan State College, 1923; M.S., ihid., 1925; Ph.D., University
of Minnesota, 1931. Chemical engineering.
Morton Smutz, Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering, 1951.
B.s., Kansas State College, 1939; M.S., ibid., 1941; Ph.D., University
of Wisconsin, 1950. Chemical engineering, process control and instrumentation.
Samuel Aronoff, Associate Professor 0/ Botany, 1948.
A.B., University of California (Los Angeles), 1936; Ph.D., University
0/ California (Berkeley), 1942. Plant physiology.
Wendell H. Bragonier, Professor 0/ Botany and Head of the Department,
, B.A., Iowa State Teachers College, 1933; M.S., Iowa State College, 1941;
Ph.D., ibid., 1947. Botany.
Fritz Schlenk, Professor of Bacteriology, 1947.
Ph.D., University of Berlin, 1934. Bacterial metabolism.
Energy Commission, 1951, 1949.
B.S., University of New Hampshire, 1931; M.D., Tufts Medical School,
1937. Industrial medicine, safety engineering.
Chester H. Werkman, Professor of Bacteriology and Head of the Depart.
ment, 1945, 1921.
B.S., Purdue University, 1919; Ph.D., Iowa State College, 1923; D.Se.,
Purdue University, 1944. Bacterial metabolism; physiological bacteriology
and fermentations.
Medical Consultants to the Ames Laboratory
of the Atomic Energy Commission
John F. Bacon, M.D., X-ray.
Harriet L. Hardy, M.D., Industrial Medicine.
Associated Research Staff

Ernest W. Anderson
H. E. Biester
Henry M. Black
Frank E. Brown
Percy H. Carr
Winifred F. Coover
Harvey C. Diehl, Jr.
Lester T. Earls
W. H. Evans
Sidney W. Fox
Dexter French
John A. Greenlee
George S. Hammond
Ralph M. Hixon
Walter Loomis
James P. McKean
Robert W. Orr
Frank R. Parchen, Jr.
Louis H. Schwarte
Dean W. Stebbins
George R. Town
Henry A. Webber
John A. Wilkinson


Prof. and Assoc. Director
Prof. and Dept. Head
Asst. Professor
Assoc. Professor
Asst. to the Dean
Assoc. Professor
Assoc. Professor
Prof. and Assoc. Director


V. Res. Inst.
Mech. Engr.
Elec. Engr.
Div. of Science
Graduate College
Gen. Engr.
V. Res. Inst.
V. Res. Inst.
Engr. Exp. Sta.
Chem. Engr.




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