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Interesting  Hearing Aids From The Past


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This is a vintage hearing aid tube type in very good condition. It consists of a flexible tube covered in brown braid with small piece for ear and bell for speaking into. The earpiece measures 4 3/8" and is 3/8" in diameter. The tube with end pieces measures approximately 37" long and the bell is 3 3/4" long and measures 2 1/2" across the end. The tube tapers from 1 1/4" at the bell to 1/2" at the earpiece.


Main section 3 1/4" long with 1/4" right angle extension. Made of white metal , marked on one side R2 (which we presume could be the size), on other side VIBRAPHO(NE). MADE IN ENGL(AND)The letters inside the brackets represent the letters for which there is no room for the manufacture stamp

The Vibraphone was a 'QUACK' HEARING AID" and offerend no enhancement to the  listener's ear's!



This is an original quarter page ad Thwpe10.jpg (23869 bytes)

This is an original quarter page from a 1909 magazine.







Zenith, Radionic, Hearing Aid with accessories. Included are the 'Bone-Air' hearing aid, earpiece with cable, battery cable, leather battery carrying case with the old batteries and complete instruction booklet with lots of cool old photos. I will include an old receipt for new batteries dated 1948. It must have been a pain to carry this thing around. The hearing aid is in great shape with no cracks or chips but the leather battery case has been damaged some.

Vintage Set of Five Zenith Hearing Aids from Jewelry Store Stock Supply. The three larger gold colored ones read Zenith Phone Magnet on Front & Zenith Super Royal the royalty of Hearing on back, one of these three has cord still attached, the small black one has Zenith on front and Zenith "50-X" the royalty of hearing #0615386 on back, the small silver one has Zenith on front and Zenith "50-X" the royalty of hearing #1221022 on back with cord still attached



Sonotone Vintage Hearing Aid Belt Unit


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