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The picture above shows Senior Scientist Rene Rogers standing with an experimental klystron that will someday be part of the AWACS Program. This device is for a radar system used by the U.S. Air Force and our allies in NATO, England, France, Saudi Arabia and most recently Japan. (from Litton Log Volume 15 #1, Feb. 1995) (click photo for larger view!)




Why is this man smiling?


      by Glen Davis

  Ever wonder who attends those large meetings in the upstairs conference rooms? Who parks in the reserved areas at the front of the south parking lot? Who takes entire sections of the cafeteria at lunch? You'll be happy to know that many of them are our favorite people CUSTOMERS!  


The picture above shows Senior Scientist Rene Rogers standing with an experimental klystron tube that will someday be part of the AWACS program. This device is for a radar system used by the US Air Force and our allies in NATO, England. France, Saudi Arabia and most recently, Japan Their representatives have attended recent meetings here along with people from McClellan AFB, Tinker AFB, Hansoom AFB, Wright-Patterson AFB, Langley AFB, Westinghouse, Boeing, the Navy, and the Pentagon.  

Did I miss anyone?  

The device incorporates several patented designs developed here by Rene and Bob Symons, our Technical Director. It is called the Clustered Cavity Klystron (our trademark) or CCK This wide-band tube is state­of-the-art.  

Over the past few months we have hosted several meetings with an international team of expenses. They have reviewed our progress and formulated a program that will lead to a "full spec" qualified device We hope to be on contract before spring to finish the development work and prepare for full-scale production. See Page 5 CUSTOMERS


CUSTOMERS - Continued from page 1

Our engineering team will include Mark Kirshner as Project Engineer, Rene Rogers as Senior Scientist, Danny Rimando and Walt Gasta as staff engineers, and Jim Morton in Design Services.

Mark and Danny join the team after a very successful qualification of another CCK tube.  They will be supported by a host of engineering and  manufacturing people too many to list.

In the meantime, we already have a contract With Sacramento Air Logistics Center at McClellan AFB to repair the existing radar klystrons used by the Air Force.

 We have maintained our "Blue Ribbon Contractor" status on the program since 1992. Bob Hansen and Dick Nye have been the primary engineers on that program, supported by a great PG-34 manufacturing and test team.

Any wonder that Rene is smiling? 





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A picture of Willis Yocom (on the left) and myself taken around 1957.  We are standing beside the first megawatt TWT, the VA-125.  I understand that several versions of this tube are still in production. (click for large view)






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