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See what  radio school was in
 1922 at the 'Dawn of Broadcasting'


Lane Technical High School - Chicago
See Lane's Yearbook  article showing even a schematic of the transmitter!



West Chester University 

Educational Television  in the 1970's

We need to know more! Look at what and who is on the  page this LINK follows onto...

Also Need Information on 
Radio and WCUR Radio
 That Was From That Campus Also







ETV Comes to Omaha University

Educational Television came to Omaha and our campus with the October debut  of Channel 26, a product of the Metropolitan Omaha Educational Broadcasting Association, and a tenant of the University. Local ETV is now broadcasting both adult and children's shows, both day and evening. Dr. Paul Borge doubles as  Station Manager and director of the OU radio-TV sequence. More HERE 






RADIO TODAY      JUNE, 1939 Page  29

RCA- Victor offers sound effects for young America in this electrical kit, which also
 allows the youngsters to experiment with radio and public address systems.

Has anyone seen one of these kits!? This was advertised in RADIO TODAY, a magazine  for the radio shop owner.






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