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A Tribute to the TV Serviceman

NATIONAL TELEVISION Servicemen's Week, a nation-wide tribute to the 100,000 technicians who service the 34,500,000 television sets of the American public, was inaugurated on March 7 at the close of NBC's unprecedented color telecast of "Peter Pan."

With 62 stations of the NBC network carrying the filmed ceremony in color and 13 more stations in black and-white, W. Walter Watts, RCA Executive Vice-President, Electronic Products, presented a symbolic statuette to Robert Hester, of Mission, Kansas. Mr. Hester was chosen to represent the country's TV technicians because of the location of his service business near the television geographical center of the United States.

The statuette is a 14-inch gold-finished figure of a man holding aloft the symbol of electronics. The figure stands on a black plastic base inscribed with an RCA dedication to TV technicians.

Purpose is Public Recognition

The idea of a National Television Servicemen's Week was originated by RCA as a public recognition of the contributions of technicians to the establishment of television as a national service. In order to make the "Peter Pan" colorcast and the statuette presentation ceremony available to the maximum number of viewers, RCA arranged for the placement of RCA 21-inch color TV sets in key cities throughout the nation. Nearly 4,000 personnel from RCA distributors were invited to viewing rooms to witness the 2-hour broadcast as guests of RCA sales representatives in the various areas.

In addition, RCA is awarding prizes totaling $10,000 to radio-TV service dealers responsible for the most effective promotions of National Television Servicemen's Week in their respective neighborhoods. The prizes include complete sets of five RCA test instruments for color TV servicing, one set to be awarded in each of the company's eight sales regions.

Survey Shows Attitude Toward Serviceman

In connection with the Week, E. C. Cahill, President of the RCA Service Company, announced on March 9 that a survey completed by Elmo Roper indicated that a great majority of the nation's TV set owners are more than pleased with the promptness, quality, prices and courtesy of TV service technicians.

The survey, sponsored by the RCA Service Company and the Consumer Products divisions of RCA, showed that 80 per cent of the families interviewed plan to continue in the future with the same service company they now employ. Other questions in the survey showed that 79 per cent of all service calls were answered within three days, and that 87 per cent of the persons interviewed were satisfied with the prices charged.

"These findings, made public during observance of National Television Servicemen's Week, are a mighty tribute to the integrity and spirit of the more than 100,000 highly-trained and skilled technicians who install and maintain television receivers in America's homes," Mr. Cahill said.

The latest survey is the seventh annual study of its kind conducted by the Roper organization for RCA. Undertaken and carried out on a scientific, impartial and nation-wide sampling basis of approximately 5,000 families, the survey was described by Mr. Cahill as the most extensive ever carried out to determine authentic public feeling toward technicians.

Naturally, we are pleased with the results of the findings," Mr. Cahill added. 'Not only is the RCA Service Company proud of the record of its service technicians, but we are proud to be associated with an industry which has in its ranks the thousands of trained and reliable independent technicians that make up the entire electronics service business. If this most recent survey proves anyone point, it is that the record of the country's TV service technicians warrants continued public confidence in their work - and I am sure the industry will continue to provide just as good service in the future as it has in the past."

W. Walter Watts, right, Executive Vice-President, RCA Electronic Products, is shown presenting a symbolic statuette to TV Serviceman Robert Hester, of Mission, Kan., in ceremony telecast over NBC network on March 7 to mark National TV Servicemen's Week.




18  RCA RADIO AGE April,1955



(Color Balance is Warm - Should Look More Silver!)


MARCH 7 - 12th 1955


wpeB.jpg (38306 bytes)

From LIFE Mar 7, 1955 - We need a good copy of this to scan.


The Statuette used in the  'On Air' presentation may have been gold toned but all of them I have seen  for 1955  that came from service technicians were silver in color -ES

The Statuette is 14 inches tall.
Silver plastic on black plastic stand with gold lettering.


wpeC.jpg (13231 bytes)


A pin, which seems to be related!

Below you will see  the later design that was adopted  and used in following years of the awards. We are unsure how many years this award was presented but  there are indicators it was 4 years.

wpe18.jpg (30467 bytes)

wpe1A.jpg (50790 bytes)

  4th  Annual National Television Serviceman's Week Promotional Brochures of Items and Copy for the Celebration From RCA  - March 24th-29th, 1958

Never before in the history of the television servicing industry has there been such a tremendous opportunity for the independent television service dealer and technician to gain public recognition and build good will. After three years of stellar performances in cities, towns, and hamlets across the nation, NTSW can now be acclaimed as the industry's biggest and longest running hit show!

"National Television Servicemen's Week" is listed with the Chamber of Commerce of the United States as "a tribute to the nation's TV service dealers and technicians for their contributions in bringing to the American public its greatest form of home entertainment".

The brochure you're now reading is your "front-row-center" ticket to a smashing TV service-selling program. . . it shows you how NTSW provides you with dramatic means of advertising and merchandising your services on a local basis. RCA and your Authorized RCA Electron Tube Distributor proudly back up your "big show" with special full-page announcements in national consumer magazines.. .exciting radio and TV announcements. . . and a full cast of prize-winning advertising and sales promotion aids!

Gain greater public recognition than ever before

Build customer good will

Profit from national consumer advertising

Promote your technical proficiency and experience

Merchandise your sales and service business

Benefit from identification with nationally accepted RCA tubes Receive dynamic sales promotion aids

1 - NATIONAL CONSUMER MAGAZINES - Two of America's most widely read consumer magazines-LIFE and TV Guide-will carry special NTSW messages to more than 35,000,000 TV viewers in set-owning families. These tributes will dramatically herald the official opening of "National Television Servicemen's Week", and set the stage for you to gain immediate public attention when you tie-in with your own local identification.

2 - A special "National Television Servicemen's Week" tribute will be made in your behalf by the RCA Electron Tube Division over network television and radio shows. Ever-popular Vaughn Monroe will spotlight the important role you play in your community in "keeping the show on the air". As a fitting climax, Vaughn will direct the vast radio and TV audience of prospective service customers to the shops displaying the attractive NTSW promotion aids illustrated in this brochure.

3 - Because television is such an important part of the American way of life, "National Television Servicemen's Week" inherently offers the American press a source of fascinating and newsworthy material. Special NTSW "press kits" will be provided to the editors of trade and consumer publications and newspapers, as well as to radio and TV stations all over the nation. You can provide local newspaper editors with your own story material for editorial coverage, tieing in your name with this headline event.

4 - Stirring advertisements have been prepared to proclaim "National Television Servicemen's Week" in local newspapers that reach your prime service prospects. Ask your regular RCA Distributor salesman how you can get "star billing" in these important ads.


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ntsw-9.jpg (2601965 bytes)  ntsw-10.jpg (3169576 bytes)

ntsw-11.jpg (2504713 bytes) ntsw-12.jpg (1711981 bytes)

ntsw-13.jpg (2861376 bytes) ntsw-14.jpg (1961825 bytes)

Seasoned, hard-selling dealers have long ago learned that the consistent use of aggressive and carefully planned advertising and sales promotion on the local level is fundamental to the success of modern retailing in both products and services. To help make your service shop the center of attraction in your neighborhood before, during, and long after National Television Servicemen's Week, your Authorized RCA Tube Distributor stands ready to back up your big show with this tested-and-proved promotion stunt.


1.  See your regular RCA Tube Distributor to obtain the special "Count the RCA Tubes" contest kit (4F116). This kit contains a small-space newspaper ad mat, a pad of contest entry blanks, a cardboard entry box, and a window poster explaining the details about your special NTSW contest.

The poster and ad mat state that everyone who visits your service shop between the date you start the contest and March 29th (the final day of NTSW) is invited to guess how many RCA tubes you have placed on display. Each consumer should be allowed to fill out one entry blank and deposit it in the entry box at no obligation. The prize winner should be notified by you at an appropriate time on March 29th, and the presentation made with some ceremony at your shop, if possible. Whatever local publicity you can get at this time will be to your advantage.

2.  Decide what you want to offer as top prize. This could be a wrist watch, a set of silverware, a set of glasses, or any worthwhile item of your own choice. Whatever you select should have strong appeal to the woman shopper, preferably something that could be of benefit to the entry family. Display this top prize in your main window throughout the time of the contest.

3.  Place in your window, near the specially prepared poster, a relatively large number of RCA tubes and/or RCA tube cartons, either in a pile or in a container.

4. Make the entry blanks and box readily available to consumers, by keeping them on or near your counter.

5.  As an added incentive, you can give the new "Pocket-Memo" to each contestant or you might use as many as you wish as prizes for the runner-ups.

6.  This program is basically a traffic builder. It will give you a wonderful opportunity to meet local residents during your NTSW celebration, and enable you to talk about your services and products to many prospective customers. You can build it up as a general "open house" program, and you can use the entry blanks to add names to your mailing list after the contest is closed.

You can obtain display-type RCA Tube Cartons from your RCA Tube Distributor if you need them for your contest. Ask for form 2F103 -a package of 14 assorted sizes.


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1 - NATIONAL CONSUMER MAGAZINES - Two of America's most widely read consumer magazines-LIFE and TV Guide-will carry special NTSW messages to more than 35,000,000 TV viewers in set-owning families. These tributes will dramatically herald the official opening of "National Television Servicemen's Week", and set the stage for you to gain immediate public attention when you tie-in with your own local identification.

a day in the life of your TELEVISION SERVICE TECHNICIAN

Troubleshooting the many complex electronic circuits in your TV receiver demands knowledge and technical skills. Each day your TV service technician applies his show going" in homes throughout the community.

In much the same manner you call on your doctor to protect the health of your family, your TV technician promptly answers your call to diagnose and cure the ailments of your TV set. Just as most people have a "family" doctor, it's a good idea to patronize one neighborhood service technician who will see that you get full TV enjoyment.

4th Annual National Television Servicemen's Week. March 24th-29th

RCA again takes this occasion to honor the thousands of skilled TV Service Technicians from coast to coast.
Thanks to their knowledge,
skill and service in your community, the wonders of TV are ever at your fingertips

Join with RCA in this salute to your neighborhood television technician.







Television Serviceman's 

Week TV Ad

Vaughn Monroe, "Mr. RCA" [their #1 pitchman during the '50s] is on hand to let you know about this illustrious event- he'll recommend a new RCA radio or TV set a bit later. 

First, there's RCA's "Spring Trade-In Special" {trade-in deals were quite common among virtually all electronic and appliance manufacturers in those days}....  Imagine the entry level  'B/W Table Top TV' costing $199....  which  in 1950s, was a lot of money!

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