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Raymond Berkowitiz 












Two 'Old Crows'

Visit Morgan McMahon in WWII 
for Radar and Countermeasures!

Yes we have one of these, alas
where is the rest of the radar?
Here is what we have so far!


Ed and Morgan digging though boxes of books to find info for the museum's display!




This certificate prepared my father   to embrace the  new electronics invention... RADAR.  Just prior to the war braking out,  he completed electronics training in March 1941. -  Ed Sharpe Archivist for SMECC











       H. A. Sharpe



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(thanks to Ray Watson dire these 2 brochures!)


Photo of Chuck Zellers on the AN/FPS-75 radar antenna circa 1965. Click photo to see the  Radar training manuals Chuck uploaded for everyone to use.



And  then... there was the consumer RADAR detector for cars...



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