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Greetings fellow equipment hoarders, old-timers, and   young history students!,
actors that can look like hippies and old dressed people holding apparatus and narrating, camera people, lighting, composers, etc etc etc.

We are  shooting a video on 

Here is what we need....
 - Photos of you in olden times using the equipment (or film of video footage showing you at it) ( it is easier to clear rights on  a photo that someone you now is in rather than a cool photo you manage to buy of ebay..)
 - Any photos  that you have done whereas the  equipment is taken apart showing views  internally form all angles ( yea yea  we can tear ours apart but why re-invent is not needed?)
 - Narratives to use  as voice-overs from "those that used the stuff"
 - I would love to find some of the 16 mm film during Dan Berrigan's Danbury prison release...  We have several  tapes shot from the portapack... BUT   I would live to  have  some film showing this  guy in action that was running the 3400!
 - We will do a real short introduction on the start of tape technology just to introduce the viewer but the purpose of this  production will be to emphasize the history of the Portable Unit.
 - Also  one area that  will receive some treatment is the switch over  from  16 mm  film such as  Cinema products CP16 and  Yoder modified Bach Auricons, again we will not dwell on it but believe it needs to be covered. (does anyone still have their  CP 16 and Iron Maiden chest mount?)
This project will also result in a pictorial section on the museums website as well.
It is good to be back on a history project! We  took a short detour to learn to shoot the news  edit some video...  gather some  friends that are  even better at it than I am  ( although I did manage to pick up a regional news Emmy(R) Award last year    see http://www.glendale dailyplanet. com/2007_ rocky_mtn_ emmy(r)_awards. htm )
 Anyone that wishes to be involved I this  from the resource or crew or ??  any capacity is welcome. It will be fun and a way of leaving a record for the future.


We probably need to take into account  early mobile truck contained video also in the Intro


And of course at the end flash forward  current mobile streaming handheld devices...

Awards? Accolades and Credits?
People participating will be  awarded such as we acquire them Money?  Doubt this will be a money-maker.... but... it needs to be done.




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Jerry Ferrell on Streaming Media listserv says...perhaps this audience can appreciate this, supposedly from a 1962 Japanese Electronics Buyers Guide...









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