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Phillips-BTS-Thompson LDK-20

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wpe5B.jpg (39297 bytes) wpe61.jpg (68213 bytes)


See the 2 round Phillips-BTS-Thompson connectors? We need  cables and/or  connectors to match what you are seeing here.  Data lines tie the MCP camera and  ocp together to the base station.




Here is an LDK-20 in  A Thompson paint job.
 Nice new style Vinton  head under it too!




Need the  script holder panel and script light  for this camera. 
Alas it is missing. see headset connectors?
we do need  headsets also.


wpe63.jpg (113801 bytes) NEED
We do not even have much info on this except  for a small  sales sheet.
wpe65.jpg (74549 bytes)

Anyone had a retired rain cover for one of these that is still decent? 
It might be  fun to take one of the display units  and 'cloak' it!
Note the Pedestal is a Vinten Fulmar but seems darker...


Resource page -  to be filled 








Add section on LDK-20


The Vinten Fulmar pedestal received the first annual award from the Guild of Television Cameramen in 1974. The Fulmar was another leap forward in pedestal design by eliminating oil as a balancing fluid and relying solely on nitrogen (and sophisticated mechanics) to produce a smooth, low effort, silent pedestal. (Vinten 100 years  timeline)  


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