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Shibaden fp-100 

Shibaden fp-100 from the 70's. 
Lens:SHIBADEN FUJINON TV ZOOM 1:1.8 F=20-100mm.



Shibaden color video tape recorder sv-520 Shiba Electric Co., LTD., Japan

wpe3A.gif (141501 bytes)   Hitachi FP-10 TV Camera
wpe10.gif (66475 bytes) Hitachi Z-31 Three Tube Camera

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 (2) Hitachi Z-31 cameras minus lens and  model FP-Z31U.(2)Hitachi Studio view finders, model GM-5. (2)Hitachi CCUs, model OP-221 and OP-Z31.(3)Hitachi cables All we need are the cables and some odds and ends and we have a studio! anyone  got any odds and ends? Any manuals out there?


HITACHI VK-C1000 - 1981.

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   wpe15.gif (210515 bytes) HITACHI VK-C1000 - 1981.   First consumer video camera with solid state (MOS - metal oxide semiconductor) image pickup device rather than an image pickup tube.  The viewfinder was a small color CRT rather than an LCD.  The recording device was basically a table-top VTR with a shoulder strap attached.  The battery was very large and was usable for about 45 minutes of recording.  A separate power supply was required to operate the VTR when not on battery power.
HITACHI MP-EG1, MP-EG1A, MP-EG10 - 1997. World's first digital camera which could output moving pictures to a personal computer in the MPEG format.

The Hitachi MPEG1A, is capable of recording 20 minutes of real-time MPEG-1 video, 3,000 JPEG still images, or 1,000 still images with 10 seconds of audio for each still. It permits PC and Mac users to add video and still images to Web pages, in-house training videos, presentations and other Internet and intranet applications.

The Hitachi MPEG1A camera records video and audio in MPEG-1 format and stores the data on a 260 MB PCMCIA card. ISA and SCSI adapter kits allow recorded video to be transferred to a PC or Mac. At 19.3 ounces, the camera is smaller than a conventional camcorder. All of its functions, such as real-time compression, full motion video and playback, are handled by a single chip -- the MPEG1 encoder/decoder (CODEC) LSI, developed by Hitachi, Ltd. Suggested retail, including the PCMCIA card, is $2,399.95.


Hitachi MP-EG1A Camera w/wrist strap

                                    Hitachi 260mb PCMIA hard disk drive, model MP-HD260

                                    Noteworthy 340mb Card hard disk drive, model NWHD340

                                    AC adapter/charger (MP-AC1A)

                                    DC power cord

                                    2 Battery Packs MP-BP1A

                                    Remote control (MP-RM1A)

                                    Sunshade for LCD screen

                                    Camera Soft Carrying case

                                    Accessory carrying case.

                                    Hitachi MP-EG1A Instruction Manual


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Yet another outfit!

Hitachi MP-EG1A Camera w/ wrist strap
- Hitachi 260mb PCMIA hard disk drive, model MP-HD260 (not in the photo in the auction (it's in the camera))
- AC adapter/charger (MP-AC1A)
- Two batteries MP-BP1A
- Remote control (MP-RM1A)
- Sunshade for LCD screen
- 1 ISA PC interface card
- 1 ISA PC interface card cable (to connect ISA card to camera)
- 1 ISA PC interface card instruction book
- 1 MP-ADI1 driver installation diskette
- Hitachi MP-EG1A Instruction Manual

- Noteworthy 340mb Card hard disk drive, model NWHD340, with carrying case

HITACHI FP-C2 Camera with Sony BVV-1A Betacam back.

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HITACHI FP-C2 Camera with Sony BVV-1A Betacam back, Fujinon A12x10BRM-7 lens, viewfinder, tripod plate and case

Hitachi C2 -  we need parts and other things to go with this!

 Need a Beta playback deck!



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