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Eagle Point Library-Progression of Project


March-2002                 Outreach committee met with Nancy Bullock

                                    First introduction to needs of Eagle Point Correctional Facility


April-2002                   Ron Gonshak and Joe Montoya from Eagle Point made presentation to the Outreach Committee about the needs for a library for the boys


May-2002                    Susan Watrous wrote letter for Book Drive

Melissa Thomas conducts work session for Committee-everyone given tasks

                                    Search for shelves begins-Book drive begins every third Sunday


June-2002                    Bob Slagle from S & S Tires donates steel shelving and volunteers dismantle and deliver to the church-requires cleaning, brushing, filing


July-2002                     Painting begins on Saturday mornings and John cut all the steel into the correct sizes

                                    Steel requires two coats


August-2002                Painting continues-Pima door donated shelving. Jim Thurber, Woody Thomas, John and Gay Romack paint on Saturday mornings


August 25-2002            Installation day at the prison

                                    Melanie Payne

                                    Woody Thomas & Melissa Thomas

                                    Barbara & Jim Thurber

                                    Joe Marvin

                                    Jim Chalker

                                    John and Gay Romack

                                    Mike Speadbury

                                    Cloyd Harris

                                    Don Hilty


October-2002              Barbara Thurber, Jim Thurber, Janet Wheeler, Susan Watrous, Gay Romack, and Millie Sharp meet several times to sort, label, and rebox 155 boxes of books from Ed Sharpe to be delivered to the prison


November-2002            Ron Gonshak from the prison has 3 helpers and two trucks-requires two trips to deliver books


  Dedication Ceremony April 3rd, 2003
 Eaglepoint Juvenile Correction Facility.


From St. Peter's- Jim Chalker, Gay Romack & Melissa Thomas

From The Southwest Museum of Engineering Communications and Computation - Ed Sharpe


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