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FOTOMAN by Logitec

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CNN: Future Watch 1-11-92(Dycam Model 1/Logitech Fotoman)

This segment talks about the first commercially available digital camera, the Dycam Model 1 which was also sold as the Logitech Fotoman presented here. The camera utilized a CCD image sensor, stored pictures digitally, and connected directly to a PC or Mac for download. Dycam Inc., which would eventually become Tetracam Inc., is based in Chatsworth, CA.

  • It had only 320x240 and later 376x284 resolution;
  • It produced only black/white photos with 256 gray levels;
  • It had only 1Mb internal RAM;
  • It had fixed focus f4.5 lens;
  • It did cost $980 (499)!






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