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(Aldridge Collection at SMECC)

Burroughs Office Supply Dealer sign





(Aldridge Collection at SMECC)

Typewriter Correcting tape



wpe1.gif (503386 bytes)
(Aldridge Collection at SMECC)

Advertising Blotter Late 50's early 60's



What  data does this tape contain?


(Aldridge Collection at SMECC)


(Aldridge Collection at SMECC)

(Aldridge Collection at SMECC)


(Aldridge Collection at SMECC)

Reeves Soundcraft Instrumentation Tape


Lettering on side of  Reeves Box

750-RCCH-400-FDC-265-1.5 MIL

6 Inch tape reel with tape, composition is  aluminum .
 Note the Electrodata imprint on the reel.

Burroughs Magnetic
Tape Leaders
Part Number 75-4192-508


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This was distributed by the Burroughs Company of Detroit to promote its adding, bookkeeping, calculating and billing machines. The blotter pictures a wonderful old Burroughs "wide-carriage visible adding and listing machine." From the 20s?  Check the price out... $200 was a true fortune back then!

The 30s? Click on it  to see a large image!

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