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With The Compliments Of President S. Akai


I would like to introduce myself to you. My name
is Daryl Eldridge.

In 1970 I worked for a Manufacturers Rep firm in Los Angeles
California. One of the lines we carried was Akai America. In that
year Akai had a contest for both reps and dealers for a trip to the
Worlds Fair in Osaka Japan. By some stroke of luck I was one of the
winners. About 15 of us from across the nation took off for a
wonderful two week tour of Japan and a couple of days at the Worlds
Fair Of 1970. 

To our surprise on the final night that we were there
Mr. Akai and his lovely daughter presented each of us with a VT100
Recorder complete with monitor, camera, and power supply. Each system
also has a leather carrying case to protect it. It also had two five inch
reels of Akai 1/4 inch video tape and complete instruction manuals.

Since I also carried it around to show to dealers I was supplied a
suitcase with foam rubber inserts to protect it. The most unusual
thing about this unit is that both the recorder and the camera have
the inscription "With The Compliments Of President S. Akai" printed
on them. 

Daryl Eldridge

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Other AKAI issues... By Ed Sharpe

Apparently when the  150 came out    they attempted to market it to  small  stations   for eng work.


I know of people that actually used it  in a small market station -  here is an ad showing it!
now... was there also a move to  use the 100 and 110 b/w units? in  'REAL TV'?
Does any one  got  advertising material on any of the Akai stuff being used  for  'REAL TV'?
Scans,   the real paper or  slides are  acceptable! and... written accounts well... are  priceless!   We happy to add them  to  the appropriate section here on the website.






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