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Heath HERO Jr. Robot


Need books on this fellow as well as any spare parts to maintain him in the future!
According to rumor here are the  production numbers of the Heath Robots

"Heros are no longer being made but Heath (Zenith) still offers some replacement parts. They had about 8 years of sales: 4,000 Hero Jr's, 3,000 Hero 2000's, 14,000 assembled Hero 1's."

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Hero Jr. is built on a strong aluminum frame with three large wheels. The rear wheel contains a sturdy drive motor and a stepper motor for turning. The robot contains a Motorola 6808 microprocessor, 32K of ROM, and 2K of RAM which is expandable to 24K. Hero Jr. stands 19 inches tall and weighs 32 pounds and is capable of carrying an additional 10 pounds in a 34 cubic inch compartment. The robot contains sonar that is accurate from 4.5 inches to 13 feet. There is also a light sensor, sound sensor and a SC-01 phoneme synthesizer capable of duplicating the English language. Complete control over all robot functions can be obtained by connecting a PC to the serial port and running the Hero Jr. BASIC language.

Some of the extra things we need for our Hero Jr. Robot

Need These Manuals!

Need more accessories such as these cartridges!


Looking  for anything related to the 
TELEVOX Westinghouse Robot... 
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