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Ahrendt, W.R., and C.J. Savant Servomechanism Practice 1960   2nd Ed.
Angelakos and Everhart Microwave Communications 1968  
Angelo, E.J. Electronic Circuits 1958   Brklyn
Angelo, E.J. Electronics, BJTs, FETs, and Microcircuits
Aseltine Transform Method in Linear System Analysis 1958  
Atwater, H.A. Introduction to Microwave Theory 1962  
Bailey, Benjamin, F., and James S. Gault Alternating-Current Machinery 1951   1st Ed.
Bennett, William R. Introduction to Signal Transmission 1970  
Beranek Acoustics 1954  
Bracewell Transform Methods in Linear Systems
Bracewell, Ron The Fourier Transform and Its Applications 1965  
Brenner, Egon, and Mansour Javid Analysis of Electric Circuits 1959  
Brown, William M. Analysis of Linear Time-Invariant Systems 1963  
Bruns and Saunders Analysis of Feedback Control Systems 1955  
Cage, John M., and C.J. Bashe Theory and Application of Industrial Electronics 1951  
Carlson Communication Systems
Cauer Synthesis of Linear Communication Networks
Chen, Wayne H. Linear Network Design and Synthesis 1964  
Chen, Wayne H. The Analysis of Linear Systems 1963  
Chirlian, Paul M. Basic Network Theory 1969   cover
Chirlian, Paul M. Analysis and Design of Electronic Circuits 1965  
Chirlian, Paul M. Electronic Circuits:Physical Principles, Anal. & Design 1971   nonstandard binding
Chirlian, Paul M., and Armen H. Zemanian Electronics 1961  
Clement and Johnson Electrical Engineering Science Princeton
Cote, Alfred J., and J. Barry Oakes Linear Vacuum-tube and Transistor Circuits 1961  
Cuccia Harmonics, Sidebands, and Transients in Communication 1952  
Cunningham, W.J. Introduction to Nonlinear Analysis 1958  
D'Azzo and Houpis Feedback Control System Analysis and Synthesis 1966   2nd Ed.  Non-standard binding
Eastman Fundamentals of Vacuum Tubes 1949   3rd Ed.
Elgerd, Olle I. Electric Energy Systems Theory 1971  
Elgerd, Olle I. Control Systems Theory 1967  
Evans Control-system Dynamics
Eveleigh, Virgil W. Introduction to Control Systems Design 1972  
Feinstein Foundations of Information Theory 1958  
Fitzgerald, A.E., and Charles Kingsley Electric Machinery 1961   2nd Ed.
Fitzgerald, A.E., and Charles Kingsley Electric Machinery 1952   1st Ed.
Fitzgerald, A.E., and David E. Higginbotham Basic Electrical Engineering 1957   2nd Ed.
Frank, Ernest Electrical Measurement Analysis 1959  
Friedland, Wing, and Ash Principles of Linear Networks 1961  
Gehmlich and Hammond Electromechanical Systems 1967   cover
Geppert Basic Electron Tubes 1951  
Ghausi, Mohammed Shuaib Principles and Design of Linear Active Circuits 1965  
Ghose, Rabindra N. Microwave Circuit Theory and Analysis 1963  
Glasford Fundamentals of Television Engineering 1955  
Greiner Semiconductor Devices and Applications 1961  
Hammond Electrical Engineering  1961   non-standard binding
Hancock, John C. The Principles of Communication Theory 1961  
Happell, George E., and Wilfred M. Hesselberth Engineering Electronics 1953  
Harman Fundamentals of Electronic Motion 1953   non-standard binding
Harman, Willis W. Principles of the Statistical Theory of Communication 1963  
Harman, Willis W., and Lytle Electrical and Mechanical Networks 1962  
Harrington, Roger F. Introduction to Electromagnetic Engineering 1958  
Harrington, Roger F. Time-Harmonic Electromagnetic Fields 1961  
Hayashi Nonlinear Oscillations in Physical Systems 1964  
Hayt, William H. Engineering Electromagnetics 1958   1st Ed.
Hayt, William H. Engineering Electromagnetics 1974   3rd Ed. Non-standard binding
Hayt, William H., and Kemmerly Engineering Circuit Analysis 1971   2nd Ed. Nonstandard binding
Hessler and Carey Fundmentals of Electrical Engineering
Hill, W. Ryland Electronics in Engineering 1961   2nd Ed.
Huelsman Circuits, Matrices, and Linear Vector Spaces 1963   non-standard binding
Javid, Mansour, and Egon Brenner Analysis, Transmission, and Filtering of Signals 1963  
Javid, Mansour. And Phillip Marshall Brown Field Analysis and Electromagnetics 1963  
Johnson, Walter C. Transmission Lines and Networks 1950   1st Ed., Princeton
Koenig, H., Tokad, Y., Kesavan, H., and Hedges, H. Analysis of Discrete Physical Systems 1967  
Koenig, Herman E., and William A. Blackwell Electromechanical System Theory 1961  
Kraus, John D. Electromagnetics 1953  
Kraus, John D. Antennas 1950  
Kuh, Ernest S., and Donald O. Pederson Principles of Circuit Synthesis 1959  
Kuo, Benjamin C. Linear Networks and Systems 1967  
Ledley Digital Computer and Control Engineering 1960  
LePage Analysis of Alternating-current Circuits 1952  
LePage and Samuel Seely General Network Analysis 1952  
Levi and Panzer Electromechanical Power Conversion
Ley, Lutz, and Rehberg Linear Circuit Analysis 1959  
Linvill, John G., and James F. Gibbons Transistors and Active Circuits 1961  
Littauer Pulse Electronics 1965   non-standard binding
Lynch, William A., and John G. Truxal Signals and Systems in Electrical Engineering 1962   Brklyn non-standard binding
Lynch, William A., and John G. Truxal Introdutctory Systems Analysis 1961   Brklyn
Lynch, William A., and John G. Truxal Principles of Electronic Instrumentation 1962   Brklyn
Manning Electrical Circuits 1966   non-standard binding
McCluskey, E.J. Introduction to the Theory of Switching Circuits 1965   Princeton
Meisel Principles of Electromechanical-energy Conversion
Millman, Jacob Vacuum-tube and Semiconductor Electronics 1958  
Millman, Jacob and Halkias Electronic Devices and Circuits 1967   non-standard binding
Millman, Jacob and Herbert Taub Pulse and Digital Circuits 1956  
Millman, Jacob, and Samuel Seely Electronics 1951   2nd Ed.
Minorsky, Nicolai Theory of Nonlinear Control Systems 1969  
Mishkin and Braun Adaptive Control Systems 1961   Brklyn
Moore, Richard K. Traveling-Wave Engineering 1960  
Murdoch, J.B. Network Theory 1970  
Nanavati, Rajendra P. An Introduction to Semiconductor Electronics 1963  
Oberman Disciplines in Combinational and Sequential Circuit Design 1970   cover
Pettit, Joseph M. Electronic Switching, Timing, and Pulse Circuits 1959   cover
Pettit, Joseph M., and Malcolm M. McWhorter Electronic Amplifier Circuits 1961  
Pfeiffer Linear Systems Analysis 1961   cover
Plonsey and Collin Principles and Applications of Electromagnetic Fields 1961   non-standard binding, cover
Reza, Fazlollah M.   An Introduction to Information Theory 1961  
Reza, Fazlollah M., and Samuel Seely Modern Network Analysis 1959  
Rogers, Walter E. Introduction to Electric Fields 1954  
Rudenberg, Reinhold Transient Performance of Electric Power Systems 1950   1st Ed.
Ruston, Henry, and Joseph Bordogna Electric Networks: functions, filters, analysis 1966   cover
Ryder Engineering Electronics 1957  
Schilling and Belove Electronic Circuits: Discret and Integrated 1968   non-standard binding
Schwartz, Mischa Information Transmission, Modulation, and Nose 1959   Brklyn
Schwartz, Mischa, and Friedland Linear Systems 
Seely, Samuel Electron-Tube Circuits 1950   1st Ed.
Seely, Samuel Electron-Tube Circuits 1958   2nd Ed.
Seely, Samuel Electronic Engineering 1956  
Seely, Samuel Radio Electronics 1956  
Seely, Samuel Electromechanical Energy Conversion 1962  
Seely, Samuel Introduction to Electromagnetic Fields 1958  
Seifert, and Steeg Control Systems Engineering 1960  
Seigman, A.E. Microwave Solid-State Masers 1964  
Shooman Probabilistic Reliability: An Engineering Approach 1968   Brklyn, cover
Siskind, Charles S. Direct-Current Machinery 1952  
Skilling Electric Transmission Lines 1951  
Skilling Transient Electric Currents 1937   1st edition, predates series
Spangenberg, Karl R. Vacuum Tubes 1948   1st Ed.
Spangenberg, Karl R. Fundamentals of Electron Devices 1957  
Stevenson, William D. Elements of Power System Analysis 1962   2nd Ed.
Stewart, John L. Fundamentals of Signal Theory 1960  
Storer Passive Network Synthesis 1957   cover
Strauss, Leonard Wave Generation and Shaping 1960   Brklyn
Su, Kendall L. Active Network Synthesis 1965  
Taub and Schilling Principles of Communication Systems 1971   non-standard binding
Terman, Frederick E. and Joseph M. Pettit Electronic Measurements 1952   2nd Ed.
Terman, Frederick Emmons Radio Engineering 1947   3rd Ed.
Terman, Frederick Emmons Radio Engineering 1955   4th Ed.
Thaler, George J. Elements of Servomechanism Theory 1955  
Thaler, George J., and Pastel Analysis and Design of Nonlinear Feedback Control Syst. 1960   2nd Ed.
Thaler, George J., and Robert G. Brown Servomechanism Analysis 1953  
Thaler, George J., and Robert G. Brown Analysis and Design of Feedback Control Systems 1960  
Thompson Alternating-current and Transient Circuit Analysis 1955 X
Tou, Julius T. Modern Control Theory 1964  
Tou, Julius T. Digital and Sampled-data Control Systems 1959  
Truxal, John G. Automatic Feedback Control System Synthesis 1955  
Tuttle Electric Networks:  Analysis and Synthesis
Valdes, Leopaldo B. The Physical Theory of Transistors 1961  
Van Bladel Electromagnetic Fields
Walsh and Miller Introductory Electric Circuits
Weeks Antenna Engineering 1968   non-standard binding
Weinberg, Louis Network Analysis and Synthesis 1962  
Williams and Young Electrical Engineering Problems 1960  
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