In Memoriam... Frederick Emmons Terman 1900- 1982
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In Memoriam... Frederick Emmons Terman 1900 - 1982
From SMEC Vintage Electrics Vol. #3, issue #1 1991 (now SMECC)

"Fred Terman was an engineer’s engineer. He loved to really understand the beauty of the technical theory and he loved to see practical things get done."

"Fred Terman will be missed by all of those people whose lives he touched during his long and productive career. The record of his good work will remain permanently engraved on the cornerstone of the great electronics industry that was such a very important part of his life. "

-From David Packard's January 4, 1982 Terman Memorial Speech at Stanford 
Frederick Terman - Ed Sharpe
Recollections of Frederick Emmons Terman  - Lewis M. Terman
Saddler Cites Terman As A Legend In His Time - Ivan Saddler
Terman's Radio Engineering Useful Since 4th Grade  - Ed Sharpe
Winfield Salisbury Remembers Frederick E. Terman

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