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Manhattan District and associated locations - Atomic Energy 



THE IOWA STATE COLLEGE INSTITUTE FOR ATOMIC RESEARCH  (After the war became: The Ames Laboratory of the Atomic Energy Commission.


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J(ulius) Robert Oppenheimer and Sidney Barnes at Berkley From  W.W. Salisbury collection at SMECC (Click photo for larger view)


Schematic for Geiger Counter Ed Sharpe  drew out in 6th grade ca. 1960s.wpe3.gif (116263 bytes)
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Arthur Roberts - Physics Songs


The Atoms for Peace Stamp
Washington, D.C. - July 28, 1955
133,638,850 issued

'Atoms for Peace’ Stamp'

On July 28, 1955, on the eve of the International Conference on Atomic Energy in Geneva, Switzerland, the U.S. Post Office issued this “Atoms for Peace” stamp designed by George Cox, a technical illustrator in Brookhaven National Laboratories Photography & Graphic Arts Division.

Earlier that year, Cox had responded to President Eisenhower’s request for a design to commemorate the Atoms for Peace Program, and his rendering was selected as the best of those submitted by illustrators throughout the nation.

(Text adapted from the Brookhaven National Laboratory publication  "THE BULLETIN" Vol. 56 - No. 5 February 15, 2002)

Cachet from a 'First Day of Issue' Envelope, 
Atoms for Peace Commemorative US Stamp, July 28,195

Maritime Topics On Stamps :

The Three Nuclear-Powered Freighters!

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